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Friday, February 5, 2016


Champ didn't get the ranch experience that Kilt and Yoko have had, but he is no doubt a chip off the old block even without.  I'm happy when we do well at trials, but I'm even happier with them as ranch dogs that are able to take care of business.  Champ is the steadiest of my three.  You can see that in the nose to nose photo.  Kilt and Yoko would have popped that ewe with a grip long before that moment.  I like his steadiness.  I like his biddability.  I just wish I had more work for him to do.
I have had a handful of people ask to breed to him.  Sorry, he is neutered.  He was just too 'studly' for me to handle.  Now, he is a dream.
Plus, he loves to sing to music.  I'm not sure where he gets his great singing voice from :)  Hopefully, this Spring I will be able to find some different sheep for him to work.  And, maybe we can get to a trial or two.  He's just a lovely dog.

Stuck in the chutes.  Taking a heel to get them to move.

Backing a ewe out of a trailer

Giving a little necessary persuasion.

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