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Friday, November 13, 2015

Singing Bowls

For quite some time now I knew that there was a group that met in Sequim for healing energy, peace, and harmony with singing bowls.  I finally had some time to meet with them.  They meet weekly on Fridays.  I'm so glad I went this morning.  It was so amazing.  Sitting on the perimeter holding a balloon I could feel the energy vibrate in the balloon I was holding.  When I sat in the middle of the room, the vibrating energy from the bowls traveled throughout my body.  I also had a vision come to me of a good friend.  While in the middle of the room, the leader (a hypnotist by trade) put a glass pyramid over my head that vibrated also.  At $3.00 a session I think I can afford this type of alternative healing.  At one point I put my feet into a large crystal ground quartz bowl while it was played.  I could feel like something like electricity traveling through each of my toes up through my legs. It was like being hooked up to a Tens unit.  Pretty wild.
The room only had about a dozen people from a cancer patient hoping for healing properties, to a stroke patient, to someone just wanting to feel peaceful, another wanting to sleep better, a gentleman on oxygen who wanted to breathe easier and so forth.  I came because I consider myself a kind of meditative person and always open to new and alternative practices.
Wayne and I went away to an alternative healing conference over the weekend once where we danced wildly to drumming among other things.  We also went to an alternative cancer conference at some point in our lives.  I'm very open to different religions, different cultures and different methods to heal. When I had cancer, I was not open to alternative healing practices of (for instance) herbs from Mexico.  I watched Farrah Fawcett DIE of the same cancer because she didn't want to do the chemo/radiation protocol. So, within reason, I'm open to different types of therapies.
I have tubular bells (chimes) on my front porch that emit an energy resonance across the valley.  Sometimes if there is a light breeze I will have a visitor inside my house cock their head and say, "Do you hear that?  What is that sound?"  It's my outdoor, very large chimes :)  I find that resonating sound very comforting.
You know me and my iPhone.  I tried to video the singing bowls.  When I got in my truck to leave, I listened to the video.  You could hear the bowls, but the iPhone picked up a static in the room.  I'm sure glad some magnetic field didn't wipe it out.  I bet it picked up the energy field off of the balloon in my lap.  I will leave it in the car next time.  And, I look forward to joining this group on as many Fridays as i can make it!  Way cool.  A little info for you (below)  

Crystal Singing Bowls Help to Balance Your Seven Primary Chakra

Within the human body, there is believed to be seven energy centers, known as the seven primary chakras. The concept of chakras dates back as far as 1,000 B.C. and while the origins are based in Hinduism, the understanding of chakras, and the significance of these energy centers, has crossed several cultures and continents.
The seven chakras allow energy to flow through your body. The ability for this energy to flow unobstructed is essential to your good health and well-being. There are a number of ways to help keep your chakras in balance and working optimally, including use of essential oils and meditation. 
But one of the most effective ways of keeping your chakras in balance is the use of a meditation singing bowl. These bowls are known by many names--including singing crystal bowls, crystal singing bowls or crystal healing bowls--but all refer to special crystal bowls that, when struck or rubbed with a mallet, emit a note on the musical scale. Each chakra is also associated with a specific note on the musical scale, allowing you to use a singing bowl to address imbalances with corresponding chakras.
Avoiding imbalance and obstruction of these energy centers is vital. When any of the chakras become out of balance, or even blocked, you are at risk for illness, fatigue, anxiety, and a host of potentially negative impacts to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Because of these risks, it is essential to understand the seven primary chakras and the musical tone associated with each.
Root Chakra
The root chakra is located at the root or base of the spine. The melodic tone associated with this chakra is "C" on the musical scale, also known by the tone "oohm." This energy center is associated with some important core human needs, such as the need for security, survival and livelihood. When your root chakra is in balance, you experience a feeling of being grounded, safe and secure. You have a feeling of overall contentedness. But, if this chakra is being obstructed, you may be experiencing feelings of insecurity and confusion. Or, the imbalance may have you questioning your personal or professional purpose in life.
Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra is associated with the musical note "D," or "ohm." This chakra influences everything from creative expression to healthy sexual desire. This energy center is located just below the navel. When your sacral chakra is in balance, creativity will flow more easily, including creative problem solving. Look for this energy center to also provide healthy sexual desire. When this energy center is unable to work optimally, you could experience sexual dysfunction or even fear of sexual or emotional intimacy. You may also find yourself becoming withdrawn, or you may having excessive feelings of neediness. As you would expect, a balanced sacral chakra is one of keys to a healthy relationship.
Solar Plexus Chakra
The solar plexus chakra is just above the navel and strongly affects your feelings of self-worth and self-identity. This energy center is associated with the sound of the musical note "E," and the tone, "ahm." If you have ever heard someone described as being "comfortable in their own skin," then you are experiencing the affects of the solar plexus chakra, which affects your feelings of inner peace, and confidence (though not arrogance). Signs of a balanced solar plexus chakra also include patience, a calm demeanor and flexibility. By contrast, if you are experiencing feelings of nervousness, have difficulty understanding or controlling your emotions, unusual stress, low self-esteem or feelings of abandonment or rejection. Trouble with your solar plexus chakra may also manifest itself in egotistical behavior, arrogance, and acting as though the world revolves around you. Difficulty with a solar plexus chakra can also be expressed through addictive behaviors, including eating disorders.
Heart Chakra
Yet another chakra essential to healthy relationships, the heart chakra can strongly influence your ability to give or receive love. This energy center is located in the region surrounding the heart area and is associated with the musical note "F," and the tone, "Ah." The heart chakra is also instrumental in enabling you to cope with the sadness experienced from life events such as death, abandonment, relationship breakups and betrayal of a loved one. If your heart chakra is unbalanced, you may experience unusual feelings of jealousy or selfishness. You may have difficulty giving or receiving love unconditionally, and may feel hateful toward those who have betrayed or abandoned you, finding it unusually challenging to move on.
Throat Chakra
Located at the center of the throat or neck, your throat chakra greatly impacts how well you are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings, but it also influences how well you hear and listen to those around you. This is true not just for the spoken word, but for written and visual communication as well, including body language. Your healthy throat chakra allows you to have practice effective communication skills and be both expressive and a good listener. It enables you to be patient and honest, while also open to constructive criticism without feelings of persecution. When this chakra is out of balance, you will have difficulty speaking up and tend to repress your feelings. Or, conversely, you may experience uncontrolled verbal outbursts.
Third Eye Chakra
The third eye chakra is located in the middle of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. This chakra is associated with the musical note, "A," and the tone, "Eem." This chakra is instrumental to influencing the areas of your mind that control your wisdom and intelligence, along with your common sense, memory, and intuition. It also affects your dreams and spirituality. If you have been complimented for your commonsense and intuition, or you prize yourself in being a fast learner, you have your healthy third eye chakra to thank for it. On the other hand, if you find you suffer from forgetfulness, nightmares or make decisions that appear to lack common sense or a reasonable amount of intuition. You may also find yourself behaving less sympathetic or empathetic, and more judgmental than you would like.
Crown Chakra
Located at the very top and center of your head, the crown chakra helps you to reach a higher understanding of yourself beyond just the physical or material world. The musical note associated with this chakra is "B," while the tone is "om."It is this chakra where your connection, not only with others but with a higher power, is housed. A healthy crown chakra helps you to lead a balanced spiritual life and enable you to understand that life has purpose. A healthy crown chakra enables you to show wisdom and insight. If, on the other hand, you have an unusual fear of death, feel unbalanced spiritually or have feelings of being unloved or angry at your Creator, your crown chakra may be obstructed.
Use of Singing Bowls
Now that you have a basic understanding of the seven primary chakras, you can use crystal singing bowls to affect those chakras where you believe you may have imbalance or obstruction. The OM Shoppe has a wide selection of singing crystal bowls to use in balancing your chakras. These bowls come in various sizes and notes, and each is shipped to you with a free o-ring and leather striker. The mallet can be used to either strike the bowl or to use the side of the mallet to rub the lip of the bowl. In both cases, each bowl will emit a specific musical note.
The note emitted by the bowl is identified in the bowl's description. For example, a solar plexus chakra crystal singing bowl will sound the "E" note and help you to improve your feelings of self-worth, while the third eye chakra crystal singing bowl will emit the musical note "A," and impact your wisdom, commonsense and intuition. A sacral chakra crystal singing bowl will sound the tone "D" and be instrumental in improving your creative thought and sexual health.
If you have difficulty in communicating with those around you, the throat chakra crystal singing bowl should be your choice, sounding the musical note "G." A heart chakra crystal singing bowl will sound the musical note "F," which corresponds to the heart chakra and your ability to enjoy a loving relationship and avoid being overwhelmed by difficulties in life, such as death and the end of relationships.
A crown chakra crystal singing bowl will sound the musical note "B" and help you reach that higher understanding beyond the physical world and balance your spirituality, while ordering a root chakra crystal singing bowl will aid you in gaining a sense of security as it sounds the musical note, "C."
By understanding the impacts of your seven primary chakras, you can more easily identify suspected imbalances or obstructions, and take action to bring harmony and balance to your body's energy centers once again. Crystal singing bowls allow you to choose just the right musical tones to impact specific chakra needs, improving your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

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