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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birds Gone Wild

Oh, to have a really GOOD camera.  If my subjects are close up my little Rebel does a pretty good job.  All of these feeder photos were taken through the window on a rainy day.  Sigh.

I am having such fun watching the finches and grosbeaks go nuts over the new feeder filled with thistle.  I also checked on Amazon for the best bird doo cleaner for porches.  Yes, I could remove the feeder from the porch, but since I spend my morning and afternoons at the computer I like it right where I can see it. I put an empty barrel under the feeding to catch droppings.  Ha....Way more droppings than the barrel can catch.  Looks like you are walking out on a dock.  I know Wayne won't like that.  So...pressure wash before he comes the the end of July :0)

They give me such joy

They are trying to see how many they can get on the feeder

The perches are only about 1/2 an inch so the BIG birds can't perch and the squirrels can't climb on the rounded hoods.  Though, I have never seen a squirrel on the porch, only the weasels.

I counted 10 finches :0)  Dark and rainy and I am taking photos through the window.

Feeding a younster on the porch railing

This baby bird flies pretty well, but she still feeds him.

Then came Big Bad Red Winged Blackbird! He really wanted on that feeder.  He tried over and over.

Kowabunga!  Here I come.  Hahaha  Nope, he didn't make it.

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