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Friday, May 29, 2015

Goofing off this week and loving it

Well, I have kind of taken the week off.  Will wonders ever cease?

I worked the dogs a few times.  Went out to dinner once.  Volunteered at the Visitor Information Center.  I will be working four hours weekly, went to a photography club meeting, did quite a bit of weeding, AND, the rest of the time I was pretty much a bum.
I have been trying out my new hammock and my new Costco lounge chair, taking photos, strolling, listening to my chimes in a light breeze.  It has been good for the soul.
The weather has been unbelievably beautiful.  Low 70's and sunny skies.  Though this weekend I am planning on another camping adventure with Bonnie at Scenic State park and then to do some bald eagle photography.  The balds will only be there for a short time.
Oh yeah...the other thing is I have been going back and forth to the RV place in town trying to get my refrigerator to work correctly.  They put in a new AC heating element, but I don't think it is firing off on propane when it is not plugged in.  So back again I went.  I am not mechanical or electrical by nature;  more of an artsy person, right brained person.  So this has been a bit stressful, so when I get stressed, I try to relax even more than usual :0)

And, then there were the weasels this week.  Weasel and Teasel.  I have seen them twice.  When I asked about them on FB, some people wanted me to shoot them, trap them, etc.  They are excellent at killing rodents and chickens.  Since I have only two full grown Border Collies at the moment, I welcome them to continue on eating every rat they can find.  I alerted my neighbors with the chickens and she is weasel proofing their house.

What's that, you ask?  Not good!
That is the oil from Rhino Sports utility vehicle.  That is the oil Todd and I changed the other day.  That's what oil looks like when it mixes with water, etc.  Most likely a cracked gasket.  Another mechanical disaster for me.  It will wait for Wayne to get here in August.  I love the Rhino as much as my dogs and we look forward to having it fixed by the time my brother and wife arrive in late August.

I have done a ton of weeding and weed eating with the weed eater around the upper property.  I love everything about living here.  I couldn't be happier!  Flowers grow, die off and new ones take their place.  Every day something different is popping up.  It sure beats, dirt, dust, and foxtails!  The dogs love it here as much as I do.

I will be traveling when Wayne is here.  Oh well.  I will see him for a very short time. My girlfriend and I are going on a cruise to Alaska.  Pretty much the same one Wayne and I went on with Jeanne and Rick for our 10th anniversary.  But, we are stretching ours to include a couple of nights at the Westin in Vancouver and then a train ride up to Anchorage for a few days before coming back to Seattle.
Then Wayne will drive back home and my brother, Jim and his wife and their "Chi" - Jewels, will arrive for a few days.  I am so looking forward to seeing them.  They only want to stay a few days.  I'm telling them to stay LONGER.  I love company.

I'm still keeping an eye out for Bigfoot. One never knows what is lurking about in the woods :0)

It's almost June...hard to believe.  Hope everyone has a great summer!

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