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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seasons greetings

Okay.  I'm ready for it to warm up. My arthritic fingers hurt.  They don't want to even open and close.
Champ and Yoko appear to be enjoying the winter immensely, now that EVERYONE has their own igloo.  Jet and Yoko, the rough coats, claimed my only two igloos as theirs, leaving poor Champ, my only smoothy to curl up into a ball out in front of their warm straw filled ice houses.  LOL  Santa came early for Champ. He got his very own igloo :0)

Trouble, our JRT is always freezing.  I got her from Cedar Hollow kennels in Oregon.  I asked Sharon how her jacks managed the cold.  She told me they all had igloos filled were straw.  And, she's right.  They are as snug as a bug in there even with temps in the 20's.

I haven't figured out to make sure they have unfrozen water as of yet.  I dump the ice out and fill their buckets with warm water.  I will have to do a little reading up on how to keep the water thawed.  May have something to do with my stainless steel buckets.   Maybe I should use plastic or heavy rubber or something.
I most definitely need to purchase a plastic saucer for our sled runs!

The wood burring stove is getting it's share of use.  It's already getting a little old going up and down the stairs fetching wood from the garage.  But, it sure keeps us warm!  A 5 hour fire will keep the house warm for well over 24 hours.

We had about half a foot of snow for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I had to miss a trial that Sunday.  It was way too treacherous out there on the black ice for me.  The day before Turkey day I got a raging UTI (first in a decade) I went to the walk-in clinic at Jamestown.  Thankfully, it was a pleasant experience with very little wait.  After some ABX and Pyridium for the pain, I was 100% better in 24 hours.  Phew….

I am entered in the 2nd Kirchgessner clinic/trial/clinic.  Jack Knox is doing a clinic on Friday.  Saturday he is judging the trial.  Then he will do the second day of the clinic on Sunday.  I landed a working spot with Champ.  This will be his first open trial.  i haven't been working him very much, but we'll see how he does.  The nice thing is that I trust him.  I think I am running Yoko, too.  I don't trust Yoko, but I thought she might enjoy running.  If she gets worried (stressed) she can do some pretty weird stuff.

It's still obnoxiously COLD.  It can warm up now :0)

 I won't do any more trials until after the first of the year.  I am so looking forward to family over the Christmas Holidays.  The house is decorated and I should be done with the outside of the house by this weekend.

Oh yeah…really excited that Carol Wiggins in Oregon bought Champ's sis, JoJo, from Norm Close.  Best of Luck Carol.  Hope you give us a run for our money :0)

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Karen said...

They do sell heated water buckets and dog bowls!
You kind of got a rude introduction to how winter can occasionally be in the PNW:) Don't worry, it's getting warmer and wetter in the next few days. Not sure that is a good thing or not, but then we didn't get near as much snow as you. I've been enjoying the sunshine.