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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Family Updates

Jet has had a bit of a set back :0(  He is walking around with his back roached…guessing from belly pain.  I started him on low dose Gabapentin with his Tramadol.  His renal function is marginal.  It is what I call chronic renal insufficiency, so I have to be careful with what medications I give him to keep him comfortable.  I think I brought on his new discomfort :0(  I have a ramp for him to get into the truck and RV.  I didn't use the ramp the other day because the truck was on an incline.  I lifted him into the truck.  I'm afraid that his vascular abdominal mass may have bled a bit.  His gums still look good.  So if it isn't his tummy, he hurt his back.  But, my gut feeling is the pain is coming from his abdomen :0(  I do the best I can…watch and wait.  He got up on his own this morning like clockwork which is a good sign.  Plus, he is eating well.  I will keep him home this week.  No riding in the truck for him.

Champ is doing GREAT in agility and on sheep.  All of a sudden we have turned another corner in our sheep work.  He is softening and thinking.  I'm loving what I am seeing.  His pen work is improving to the point, that I hardly need to utter a word.  He's working it by himself.  I have been working him with mostly voice inflections, little to no voice or whistle commands.  I am letting him figure out how to handle the sheep instead of me telling him how I think he should handle the sheep!  This is a huge cornerstone for both of us.  Plus, I am trying to continue with lessons very other week.  I have never been close enough (living wise) to be able to take lessons on a regular basis.  Sure, it's a 5 hour RT, but well worth it to me.  Now we are getting to the fun part.  Is he getting up too quickly, is he mindful, is he feeling his sheep, and so forth.

Yoko is having fun just being Yoko,  funniest little dog ever.  She is coming 7 yrs. of age in January.  I wish I had money to take sheep lessons with her, too, but alas, I don't.  I think I may have taken 5 lessons during the course of her lifetime.  It shows.  But, we still have fun together.  She wants to do right.  It's just that she stresses easily if I get stressed.  She is not the 'steady eddie' that Champ is.  She is not a good jumper, but absolutely loves agility.  She loves the socialization.  She adores the people and knows every individual dog.  Plus, she is a crack up, because she is so damn SMART.  The other day she even picked up a bar she knocked because both the instructor and I said "Oops." When the instructor says, "Get it" with a target plate, Yoko always delivers the target plate to her.  Well, she did say, "Get it."  Too smart for her own good, but it amuses everyone :0)

Back in California Kilt and Trouble are on DIETS.  Trouble weighed in at 12# and Kilt at #40.  My Vet jotted me a little note to let me know they were both a bit wide around the middle.  Wayne has put them on diets.  Kilt should weigh maybe 36# and Trouble, no more than 11#.  That is one thing we are very careful around here with our dogs (not ourselves so much) is with their weights.  Jet weighs 35#, Yoko at 37# and Champ weighs in at 39#.  Even though, Champ is a 'Slim Jim' he should weigh the most because he has not an ounce of fat on him.  In fact, it would be fine if he gains another pound.
Plus, Kilt and Trouble just finished up their Lepto boosters before visiting for the Holidays.  Taking no chances.

After the Russian guardian dog attack on Champ and myself, I got a new protection device.  I bought myself a walking stick that is also a stun gun.  It looks like a regular walking stick with a molded rubber handle.  The only difference is it has a LED flashlight and can deliver an almost million volts of electricity at the flip of a switch.  I am not placing myself in jeopardy again.  I like to hike and do lots of walking.  I am usually, if not always, by MYSELF with a dog or two.

I know some people who feel it is unnecessary to own a weapon of any sorts.  And, that's okay, for them.  But, I have been burglarized and I have felt my life on the line before.  I will be prepared.  I just went over to the Sheriff station and applied for a concealed weapon permit.  I do lots of traveling by myself, too.  i might as well be legal.  Thankfully, it is easy to get a permit to carry in Washington.  As long as you are not a felon, you pay them $50, and you get a permit good for 5 years.

I have a trial coming up on Sunday (after Thanksgiving) in Olympia.  Then, I have a Jack Knox clinic/trial coming up in mid December.  Family returning from overseas and husband ands dogs coming for the holidays.  Lots going on.  I also had another interview with a critical access hospital in Port Townsend.  I'm sure I can get a job there, but first I have to figure out who is going to care for Jet, etc.  It's a 60 mile RT commute and long hours.  I'd really like to get my (nursing) foot back in the door.  I may see about finding a roommate.  We'll see.  I don't see Wayne looking like he will be moving this way in the next year.  I think he plans to stay in Ca. until his retirement in 2 years.  Lots of decisions to make. Think I will sit this out for the holidays and just enjoy myself.

You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have been invited to my neighbors home that overlooks Sequim bay for Turkey day.  Lucky me!

                                                      HAPPY TUKEY DAY


DeltaBluez Tess said...

we would love to have you here on Turkey day or Christmas and you have a place to stay

gvmama said...

How VERY kind of you Diane. You have been in my thoughts. Prayers going out to you.