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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cushing's Disease


It's not unusual for old dogs to get Cushings disease.  Most people think the dog is just getting old when his symptoms are pointing to a disease process, hyperadrenocorticism.  Many times we attribute symptoms to old age when in fact, they are not.  I thought Jet was deaf due to the aging process.  Turns out he had an infection.  After 5 days of ear drops, he can now hear again.  The other morning he heard me put hair spray on my hair from the other room.  And, here was a dog that wouldn't acknowledge a vacuum cleaner turned on holding it above his head while he was sleeping.  Sometimes you just can't ASSUME.

In Jet's case, I will take an educated nursing guess and say he has developed Cushing's disease.  He has most of the symptoms in the above article.  His disease is secondary to his adrenal mass.  About 50% of adrenal masses are carcinoma.  Jet was diagnosed with a possible kidney or adrenal mass with ultra sound as he turned 13.  He is now 14.  Most adrenal masses are surgically removed.  I opted for no surgery at 13. Whether it was a wise decision or not, I made the decision and will have to live with it.

He is very fatigued now and he is losing his hair :0(  I have tried medicated shampoos and adding Omega 3 Fish Oil to his other medications.  He is on 2 Chinese herbs to hopefully shrink his tumor and boost his immune system.  He is also hypothyroid which was diagnosed sbout the time of the mass.  He is on Soloxine for his thyroid.  Due to his abdominal pain and arthritis he is on several pain medications, too.  He takes low dose Gabapentin and Tramadol.

I am doing the best I can to keep him comfortable. I will discuss my thoughts with our new Vet, but I still don't want to do anything aggressive.  In fact, I purchased a couple of months worth of an herb made to treat canine Cushing's disease.  Many people who have had a dog with a Cushing's diagnosis have given these herbal drops a 5 star rating.  I bought 2 months worth to try for $80.  Heck, walking into the Vet office alone, without the complicated Cortisol labs would cost me that much.

Poor Jet.... Just trying to keep him going so we ALL can be a family again for Christmas.  I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to my friends who have taken time to comment, suggest, assess, and support my journey with Jet.  Thank-you.

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Karen said...

What a sweet picture:) Hang in there Jet!