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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Ups, The Downs

Most certainly, moving to Washington while my husband moved back to California has been a journey of laughs and tears, frustration and satisfaction, etc. 

I needed help to get the riding lawn mower running.  I needed new U-joints on the Avalanche truck, had a flat tire having to buy 2 new tires, and had to drive to Port Angeles to get the parking brake fixed today.
The RV/Van needs to be plugged in in order to keep the battery charged.  That took me buying a new adapter for the 30 amp to the new 100 feet of 10 gauge electrical wire to be able to feed it all the way up the hill to the garage to get electricity.
The house is still in disrepair from the plumbing leak that St. Farm wouldn't cover because it wasn't sudden and catastrophic.  I have been living on bare floors with carpet tacks where the carpet used to be, plus several walls are gone waiting for the contractors to fix the drywall.
I didn't understand about heat pumps.  I now have learned they cool also.  Mine was making a huge buzzing noise vibrating through the garage.  I called our Home Shield house protection.  They said the heat pump is just old, but it still works.  I had to pay them for coming out, but they would only replace it if it didn't work at all :0(
The sewer is a whole new type of system to me, too.  A whirring chirping outside has been going off at odd times of the day and night and I have to go out and reset the alarm.  I called a sewer company and they have referred me to a plumbing company.
i called a fencing company to get an idea what price a small fenced yard would cost for the dogs.  It was outrageous.  I will have to wait until Wayne moves up here permanently to help with fencing.
Meanwhile, though all of this, fans from Service Master drying the wet walls and floors and me sleeping in the living room, the spare room, and at the campground, 

Wayne sent me my mother and grandmother's diamond rings.

Oh yeah…and Champ, he almost croaks after 4 days at Summit hospital with leptospirosis.  All 3 dogs had to receive pills morning and night twice a day while I had to be sure I washed my hands 100 times a day and followed all around with a clorox bottle.

Meanwhile, the diamond rings.  They are heirlooms.

I don't wear any rings, but I so wanted my son's wife to choose which diamond ring she would like as a Christmas present this year when they come home from overseas.  
I can't find them.  I have looked everywhere.  I have spent a week crying, losing sleep, and tearing this place apart.  I have crawled around on the floors with carpet tacks with a flashlight looking.  I have prayed and talked to my Mother whose birthday was July 23rd.  Still NO rings :0(  I feel like such a schmuck.  I don't think anyone would take them.  They are in a black plastic film can.  I have been cleaning madly.  There could be a chance I accidentally threw them away with all of my cleaning and garbage.  God, I don't know.  I just can't remember where I put them.  But, I finally had to let it go or I would lose my mind totally.

So, that's what led me to the above saying that I saw on Facebook today.  Lots of us smile big…. happy to be alive, but still have just as many problems as everyone else.  It's just how you deal with those problems and how you let it affect the way you live your life.
I have apologized to my son who is overseas in Japan.  If they ever show up, it will be such a blessing.  But, I can't continue to beat myself up.  The last couple of months have had many highs and many lows.  I'm sure my mental alertness has not been operating on full capacity.
So with much sadness, I bid those heirloom treasures good-bye and I will move on.


Karen said...

I'm hoping those rings appear somewhere that you would never have expected them to be. I can imagine the agonizing you have done over them, it would be killing me too. But as you said, at some point you have to move on. They are only 'things' after all, you still have the people they were meant for, and that is much more important.

gvmama said...

So true, but it still doesn't make me feel less of a schmuck. I did inform my son that I can't find them and he was very gracious about it. I didn't want him to get his wife all excited about the big Christmas surprise. I remember where I put them last, but didn't think it was a good enough hiding place with all the contractors in the house. Then, I draw a blank. A total BLANK :0(

manymuddypaws said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time. Things always get better though, and maybe those rings will show up when you least expect it!