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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lavender festival

No, I didn't ride my purple bike to the festival, but it was close enough, I could have ridden my bike.  Instead, my neighbor offered to show me around.

Jimi Hendrix was rocking at the Purple Haze Farm.

Rows of purple and white lavender

Now we are talking.  Lavender gin and tonic please.

This rental is available by the weekend or week at the Purple haze farm.  The backside has a nice patio, spa and barbeque.  Too scared to ask what it rented for!

Out in the middle of someone's lavender fields was a unicorn :0)

A lavender drink and a very tasty lunch!

Some lavender was deep purple, some purple-blue.

Poppies do very well here in Wa.  I love the red poppies, plus they bloom for MONTHS.  In CA. they bloom only for a short period.

I found a little buddy.

Each farm had food and art and crafts booths, music, etc.

This lavender farm was close to the Dungeness spit.

Kitty stopped by Fat Cat lavender farm at my request.  This farm is an acre or two away from where we put a bid on 13 acres.  Then, we backed out thinking it might be too good to be true plus, it was going to be HELL to try to get a "land" loan.  Plus, we would have had to refinance out home in order to do it.  Too bad.  We drove over to the acreage.  I loved it.  Even if we just got it for investment purposes.  But, no can do until the Green Valley home sells (whenever that will be)  Beautiful area.

Fat Cat farm

I believe those are purple poppies which I have never seen before!

Fencing around the garden areas to keep the quackers OUT.

I don't know the name of these blue flowers, but I loved them.

Kitty has chickens. She was much braver than I about going up to this rooster.  The last encounter I had with a rooster was at Fido Farms and I am still having nightmares about him.

The Millers at Fat Cat offered us some Strawberry Rhubarb pie and ice-cream which we ate around this picturesque pond.

The gardens behind Fat Cat farm.  So beautiful.

Just a pretty photo of a chicken.  The end.  Great day.  Loved the farms and the festivals and all of the wonderful people of Sequim!

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Karen said...

What a fun time. Great photos! The flowers are beautiful. Too bad the lavender doesn't last longer. I have one big bush here and in two or three weeks it is done.