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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The parties continue….

Okay then. If I croak on the way up there or after I get there, I can't say I haven't had an AWESOME send off.  It seems I been going out to dinner, out to lunch, parties…ongoing, non-stop.  I can't complain (Wayne can, though)  Hahahahaha

The party my co-workers gave me at Renee's beautiful home was more than I could have ever expected.  The gifts, the cake, the fun, the love, the laughs….on going :0)  The food and wine was flowing.  They had tables set up outside in the garden area with candles by a little pond with koi and a babbling waterfall.  What a fabulous send-off.

Not only did I leave with about 10 bottles of wine (they know I am a lush), but a card for a massage,  a facial, pearls form Vickie, a mini keg of GOOD beer, dessert bowls to keep from losing any weight, but, also, everyone chipped in cash.  They said, "Spend it at the casino in Sequim."  LOL  I guess it will last a long time since I never play anything greater than quarter slots.

Even the little ones got in on the act.  They colored a We will Miss You Suzanne banner.
My unit also takes care of pediatrics, so insert BIG Awwwww here :0)

L'Donna brought what looked like a gallon of a dry sparkling wine to go with the cake.  It was perfect, to say the least.  I was almost speechless.  I said, "Almost."

Since Wayne had recently been in my unit for a week, he came to the party.  By this time, he pretty much knew most of the night shift and day shift.  He really enjoyed himself.  He had us all laughing for what seemed like way too long.  Our sides were hurting.

Two more days of work left…Thursday and Friday.  The never ending party.  I think it is my turn to buy lunch on Friday.  They said i better not call in sick or ask for a leave of absence, because the party is going to continue.

Tonight, Wayne and I are going out with dear friends, Melodie and John.  Melodie has Champ's brother, Trip.  We are going to the Backwoods Inn for old time's sake.  I have been going to the Backwood's Inn since the 1960's.   I'm gonna miss you Mel :0(

I think we should have at least another load in this place for when Wayne is ever ready to move on up to Sequim.  I hope he can put it all in the toy hauler when he comes.  We have tried our best to get most of it up there in these two loads, but 30 years of "stuff" adds up, especially when you have animals :0)

Saturday morning, I start my trek.  First stop, The Mother's Day trial with my favorite friends, Tom and LisAnn Spencer in Elk Grove, CA.  About 6 hours away.  I will spend Sat. and Sun. night there.

Next stop….not quite sure yet :0)  But, I don't plan on arriving in Sequim until the 20th.  I'll keep you updated :0)


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip up.


Anonymous said...

Call my cell 530-616-0208. Will be at my Mom's in Medford Sat/Sun. Take a break and come say hi.