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Monday, December 16, 2013

Who stays, Who goes?

After much deliberation (all of about 10 minutes) we have decided that Kilt will stay with Wayne in May when I go up to Sequim to live permanently.  Kilt will be 10 in 2014.  She loves all people.  This is good because the house will go on the market for sale.  She barks if she has to potty.  And, she has always wanted to be an ONLY dog!

I didn't want Wayne to have zero dogs here.  And, he was hinting around that maybe I should leave him some of the dogs. He needs one for company.  And, as much as I might like to trial her up in Wa., she would probably take the reins out of my hands doing it her way. Wayne will now have an excuse to go hiking. :0)  He promises to take good care of my 'girlfriend.'  That's my pet name for Kilt.  I always say, "Hey girlfriend," and she barks at me.

This way I will have the 2 old dogs, Jet and Trouble and my 2 trial dogs, half sis and half bro, Yoko and Champ.  Four dogs will be easier for me to handle.  Plus, I don't want to leave my old dogs with Wayne, because they need meticulous care.  End of that discussion.  You know you are getting old when you start counting how many years you hope to live and how long your youngest dog may live until.  Yikes.  I don't want anyone to have to take my dogs if I croak.  Champ turns 2 on Dec. 19th.  If he lives till he is 14 yrs. old, I will be 76 yrs. old.  OMG!

I think Wayne is right.  Time to wind down the dog activities.  Though, I would have loved to have had another rough coated Border Collie marked just like Jet to keep me warm at nights when he passes.  I so wanted a pup from one of his sons. Sigh.  Ain't going to happen.  Who knows……the future isn't written in stone yet. :0)

Anyway, on the bright side, I think this will work out for the both of us come May.  Most of the packing is done for this Holiday trip.  Wayne is going to leave on Saturday the 21st with Yoko and Kilt in his truck with him.  I will work Christmas Eve and Christmas day leaving with Jet and Trouble on the 26th.  Our sheep are vacationing at another ranch (Kyle's) and the geese will be staying in their barn with a town person caring for them.  It's going to be a dismal Christmas eve and Christmas night coming home after 8 pm in the dark to care for the geese and the dogs.  I love working at the hospital over the Holidays ONLY if I'm coming home to my hubby, lights, and the animals.  This year is going to be a very lonely year. :0) Yuck.  Oh well, what will be, will be.

I have Buddha apps on all of my Apple computers.  This saying came up as a surprise on a picture of the Dungeness spit in Sequim.  I think it's a sign :0) A GOOD sign.


Karen said...

My goodness, that picture of Kilt looks so much like Luna!
Hey, 76 isn't old:) I know of a couple of women still running dogs (one runs a border collie, the other a few shelties) in agility, and they are in their 80's.
Leave a few lights on in the house so that when you arrive home, it looks more welcoming, and maybe a meal cooking in the crockpot? Before you know it, it will be the 26th and you'll be on your way.
How long until Wayne moves permanently to Sequim?

gvmama said...

I most certainly will leave a few lights on…absolutely. Still not looking forward to …but at least Jet and Trouble will be barking to come in! Jet will accompany me to the barn to care for the geese and I have a lantern :0)