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Friday, December 20, 2013

Making the list, checking it twice…..

Bought some fairly healthy treats for Wayne to eat on his trek.  I like to nibble to maintain my alertness on this long of a trek.  It will take Wayne at least 22 hours.  He will have to go slow with the trailer that is packed to the limit.  I hope the diesel can handle it.  Our last car payment on the diesel is this month.  I keep thinking that's when the truck will go kaput.  Murphy's law, eh?
His trip to Washington starts early Saturday morning.  I was scheduled to work Friday, but traded days with someone and will work on Saturday.  That gives me time to help Wayne with all of the last minute stuff.  He has never driven across county by himself with two crazy Border Collie girls :0)  Driving and hauling a trailer he has done many a time.  But, I still fret that he will push himself too much.  I keep reminding him that there isn't a time limit.  He needs to stop for himself and the dogs.  I had the pharmacist refill my Motrin 800 mg's today so Wayne will have some if he needs it.  Plus, I want him to take an aspirin a day while sitting that long.  Don't want any blood clots!
We are taking the sheep over to Kyle's place tomorrow (Friday morning).  She has about 30 sheep and our sheep are very comfy there.  Then we will clean the sheep barn and get it ready to house the geese. Less worry for me with a friend from town taking care of them.  The barn is 6 times the size of their kennel run.  We just need to make sure no animals will dig into the barn and get them.  Food is scarce in these hills this winter. We will double up on bricks around the outside of the barn and put their predator lights down there for them.
I have Wayne's cold now.  Sore throat, etc.  He is already starting to get on the mend, so I hope my cold will be short-lived, too.  I am scheduled to work this Saturday, Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  I put in for a leave of absence (LOA) on Christmas day….meaning if the census is unusually low,) they may call me off.  But, I wouldn't be betting any lottery tickets on that happening!
Sunday/Monday, I will clean the house the best I can, so when we arrive home it won't look like the wreck it looks like now!
Got my hair cut today, dermatologist skin check, and mammogram.  Went to Home Depot and bought some entry way mats, a few orange buckets (that we use everyday for everything) and a new vacuum cleaner for Washington.  Space will be limited up there, so I got an upright vacuum after reading a zillion reviews waiting for all of my appts. today.  I ended up getting the Shark canister…the high end, $250 model.  Everyone (17 people) gave it 5 stars.  Good enough for me.
Thankfully, homes are selling well in our area now.  When we get back home, we will go town on our place in Green Valley getting it ready to place on the market.  Needs painting inside, and lots of little repair work.  We hope to have it on the market sometime in March.  It would really be nice to make a little extra money for a barn and another bathroom for the home in Sequim.  I have already purchased a second garage for Sequim.  It will just take all of the people of Sequim to put it up in May.  Hahahha
Good thing I have a sense of humor.
Sheep are off to their vacation destination.  Geese are enjoying the wonderful sunshine today.  Wayne and I are buying stock in kleenex with these winter colds.  I checked in with the gal who is going to take care of our geese.  She is sick, too.  We plan on getting together Sunday morn, so I can show her their new digs in the sheep barn and review their care.  Wayne is off to get a check up oil change on his diesel.  He is still worried that he may be too OVERWEIGHT in the trailer he is pulling.  My fingers are crossed for him.  My VW had it's first oil change and check up for the trip.  I plan on leaving my VW up in our Sequim garage and drive back with Wayne.  Boy, will I miss those heated seats in the VW!  Spoiled….I'll say!
So…Christmas won't really be Christmas for us this year.  But, hopefully Wayne will be enjoying Christmas in his new home while I am working Christmas at the hospital making everyone's Christmas Eve a bit brighter for them.  Makes me giggle that he will be in Happy Valley (Sequim) and I will be in Green Valley.  But, we will both be in Sequim for New year's Eve.  Hip Hip Hooray!
We will probably start the journey home on January 2nd.  We have to stop by Suzy Applegate's in Plymouth to pick up Champ who has been up there the last month or so.  She has been using him for her chore dog and working with him on his drive.  Good to have our only youngster out of our hair, but it will be nice to have him home again.  He just turned 2 yrs. old on the 19th.  I have only shown him once in USBCHA….in a large ranch class and he got a 4th I think.  He is going to be a nice dog.  He just needs years and experience on him.  I'm in no rush.
Weather looks good for Wayne's trip.  The snow in the PNW should have passed by the time he gets up that way.  Too early to guess which way i will drive up.  Obviously, snow and ice aren't  feasible in my little VW.  I may have to go the coastal route.  We'll see.  One day at a time.
PLAN:  The plan is to get our house in Calif. on the market.  Plan is for Wayne to still look for a job that will transfer close to our Sequim home.  He will stay in Calif. until the house sells and/or finds a transferrable job.  Me, I'm moving up in May come hell or high water.  I will leave my Avalanche truck here for Wayne so he has 2 vehicles.  He will keep kilt with him.  I will take the other 4 dogs, the geese, and my mini RV up[ to Sequim in May.
Social Security?  Not sure yet.  I will be 64 in January.  I apply for medicare in October of next year.  I'd like to continue to work in nursing part time.  I have to see what's available to me when I have more time to look around this summer.  I may be up there for a year without Wayne.  It remains to be seen.  We will have to play it by ear.   Hopefully, things will fall into place :0)
Now, off to put together the dogs things, and a care package for Wayne for his trip.  He will need his audio tapes, goodies to eat and drink and stuff like that.  :0)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the both of you. Safe journey...

gvmama said...

Greg and Meridy…..Many wishes for a wonderful Holiday season. Miss you both so much! Much love, Suz and Wayniac