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Friday, October 11, 2013

FOR SALE (end of February) MOVING!

 I have dwindled down to 5 sheep.  One California Red cross bred wether, 2 crossbred ewes, and 2 pure white Dorper ewes.  What a nice five-some to work...not too light, not too heavy....JUST RIGHT.

The pure Dorpers (I call my lady linebackers) need to lose a bit of weight and build up their stamina, but this is an overall nice group...good for your started dogs.  AGES 3-6yrs. guessing.  
Sheep without the trailer $375.00 

Stock trailer.  Not good for trailering horses, but good for loading sheep to take anywhere you want to go.  Fairly new tires.  On the other side Wayne welded hooks to hold my panels :0)  Plus, it has a compartment for your hay, chairs, etc.
Trailer without the sheep $800.00

Sheep and Trailer...a deal.....$1000   Start paying now AND YOU WILL BE PAID OFF BY THE END OF FEBRUARY :0)

Email me:  Fuzfawn@aol.com

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Karen said...

Sounds like a good deal for someone!