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Sunday, September 29, 2013

This is my crew

The gang's all here!

13 yr. old Jet, 11 yr. old Trouble, 5 yr. old Yoko, 1 yr. old Champ and in the back, 9 yr. old Kilt
All my females are spayed now and both of the boys are intact.

Bringing up a new working pup is loads of fun.  Champ is slowly coming along.  He has some talent, he has some style, but sometimes he can be a real knuckle brain.  I am trying to let him come along at his own speed.  Here no one is moving out of the corner so he is grabbing a heel.

Once in awhile I allow Champ just to get up close and personal.  I try to say nothing.....just move my body and let him think how he will handle the small flock.  Here he is looking to me for direction.  I am saying nothing.  Best to let him figure it out on his own ;0)

He is almost 21 mos. old now and he is getting to be a nice looking dog.  He still has lots of nicknames like Slim Jim, Boney Butt, etc.  But, he is a well put together dog and a good moving dog, too.  He definitely took after his Mom in structure, but he has his sire's amiable personality.

Just a nice picture of Jet with the geese.  He is looking at me.  He could care less about the geese.  It's just nice to see him up and around and happy after almost losing him a few months ago.

One of my most favorite photos of the Champster.  He is ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

I just missed this shot.  He has a fabulous nose bite.

Champ takes after his "slinky stinky" Mom, Kilt, with a longer stride like his sire, Buzz.

Yoko working the geese with her mother, Kilt, waiting for her turn or maybe, her dinner :0)

Not to be outdone by any Border Collie, Here Comes TROUBLE.

I am teaching Trouble to put the geese away at night in their pen.  The geese are like, Holy Shit Batman, what's that?  That would be "White Rabbit" otherwise known as Troubie.

Jet got to go to U Wash Doggie...spa day for the ol man :0)

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