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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall is here (for today anyway)

Cool weather to sleep by and a gorgeous brisk morning to awaken to.....feels like Fall.  Fall and Spring are my most favorite months.  It's almost time to do some hiking and take the sheep out to the desert.

Today, making a list of items that will need to be moved to Sequim.  I'm glad we are doing this over months and not having to do it in a week.  It would never happen.  As mentioned before, I think the dogs have more stuff to move than we do.  Lots of kennels and crates.  I have 7 chain link kennels.  I will probably leave a few here.  Plus, I have lots of crates, indoors and outdoors, dog houses and igloos.

Thankfully, the new house has lots of closet space and more cupboards than we have here.  I swear I'm going to downsize my closet and only bring what's half in there. :0)  We'll see.  I still have a ton of horse tack to sell.  I will trek out to a saddlery and see if I can put some of it on consignment.  Waiting for a rainy day to finish up the photo sorting.

What I will need to buy...new couch/loveseat and 2 beds.  Those are the only necessities.  I have a desk and some bookcases along with TV and TV stand that can go.  And, not really too much more.  All of my dressers were $10-20 specials.  I'm not exactly what you would call an interior decorator.  Most of this "stuff"  in our house can be sold at a garage sale.

The previous owners left us their washer/dryer.  Good thing since our dryer is about done.  Plus, they left us their side by side refrigerator.  I have never owned a side by side.  Very cool.  I'm starting to get very excited.  I have a few outdoor wrought iron tables in fairly decent condition that will go well in the garden and sitting areas.

I am settling down.  Yes, I will compete in a few sheep trials, but it is not my reason for the move.  I like to hike, fish, take photos, paint, draw, write, and I'd like to have a garden.  My dogs give me so much enjoyment just being with me.  Competition runs in my blood and a good dose of it is healthy.  But, it will not consume my life.  It is time to stop and smell the roses :0)

And, I'm looking forward to it.

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Karen said...

Words to live by (the Peanuts comic).

Yes, much easier to move when you have lots of time to do it.