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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Jet is doing better than expected.  He is eating almost 50% of his meals and is HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.  He needs no help up righting himself from a lying position now. He takes the stairs to our bed to sleep with us.  He has even chewed on a bully stick for a few minutes.  ANYTHING for Jet.  If he's happy, we are all happy. :0)

I am not going to do any surgery on him.  This is the greatest dog I have ever owned (other than my Aussie,) Heavens to Betsy who passed away at 13 yrs. of age, and my Golden Retriever, Golden Oldie (Odie) who passed away of cancer at age 11, and Xena, bless her heart, who passed away at 15 yrs. of age last month.  I will try to do right by Jet like I would like MY family to do right by ME.  Jet will be 13 yrs. old in October.

I have no sheep trials scheduled for the rest of the year.  May take in an AHBA trial or a fun trial or two.  That's about it.  And, of course, I keep up with the big sheep trials on line.  I think we are just all happy to be alive.....if you get my gist.  We are Re-grouping.  Re-centering.  Re-thinking.  We are thinking about the rest of OUR lives.  Not just my life, not just the dog's lives, not just Wayne's life......

It is time to thank life for just being allowed to live and enjoy.  We are bringing ourselves into touch with the deeper issues of our selves.  It is time to make sure our mindset is sincere, respectful, and courteous.

The house in Sequim is coming along well.  Since I probably won't get up there until sometime next year, I am offering our home to those who are taking a vacation in PNW.  I'm more than willing to share.

This is the time to get along with others
To continue our learning about the spiritual world
Discovering our sense of humor
Discovering our sense of wonder and seeing the difference between important and trivial things :0)


Karen said...

So glad to hear that Jet is acting like his old self. I'm very familiar with that feeling of relief when an animal's condition improves.
Good new on the house too:)

gvmama said...

HUGE sense of relief.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great picture, glad Jet is doing better.