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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Probably thinking too much.  It could be dangerous.  I have a head ache.  Looking at Social Security.....knowing that I will be 64 yrs. old in January...how much benefits will be at that age....how much can I earn and still get benefits, etc.  Lots to learn.  Overload.  At least I can apply for medicare next year.  Now, can I live n a set income.  Hmmmmm  Not sure about that :0)

Also, looking at photos that I took of the WA.  house.  After looking at the aerial photos, I see that over an acre is behind the house in trees.  That's kind of wasted land to me.  That leaves us with about 3 1/2 acres below us.  Actually, that's more than we have in Green Valley.  So, I shouldn't bellyache about it.

I have been thinking about where to put the dog kennels and dog yard.  Happy Valley is like a large bowl.  Sound echoes.  I don't want dogs barking to be heard across the valley, so placement of their kennels must be strategic.  I am thinking of cutting down some of these weed trees behind the house and putting a up a retaining wall and placing at least 3 chain link kennels behind the house.

The tall weed trees can be chopped down....probably enough room behind the house to put in a retaining wall and set the dog kennels there.....me thinks.

Happy Valley has a bit of an echo.    Dogs behind the house...good.  Though I will put up a side yard for them.  I'm a little concerned about our gorgeous porch.  Hopefully, our JRT can't fit through those rails.  Actually, I know she can, but I think she is old enough at almost 12 yrs. of age to have some common sense (maybe).  Plus, worrying about the BCs wanting to jump over the porch landing some 25 feet below in a smoosh.  There will be a side gate put up, so they can't come to the front of the porch without supervision.

Where are you going Mister?

This is where! This pond isn't on our property, but it didn't phase Champ at all.  He was going for a swim.  They have a pump aerating the water.  Lots of Ducks land here.

Knucklehead Champ enjoying himself.

There are 3 homes above us.  Several of the homes have gorgeous views of Sequim bay.

This view is a half mile from the house.  Almost on the Discovery trail which runs some 130 miles through our area.  Elk herds are still roaming through this area.  Wayne was a commercial crab and fisherman in his teens.  I know he is going to LOVE being close to the water.  He can to talk to the 'old salts' and clam till his heart's content. Now, here in Green Valley we have to drive some 30 min. to get to a town to grocery shop.  We will be 5 minutes from the center of downtown Sequim.  I love that.

You ask....what the heck is that?

It was a SIGN.  We always take our BLONGO game with us when we go to the beach.  The sellers of the WA home had a blongo game in their yard.  Wayne said, "You took a photo of blongo?"  "Yep," I said, "It was a sure sign we should buy this house."  
"Dear God, help us," he replied.



Karen said...

Well you learn something everyday...
Never heard of Blongo, so of course I googled it and watched the video:)
You could run 2' of chicken wire along the railing to keep Trouble in. Cheap, very light weight, and not terribly conspicuous.

gvmama said...

Good idea, Karen. Less worry for me.