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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cowboy Up

My antennae must have been up this morning.  I told Wayne to take his time to do the three 'S's'...heck, it's Saturday morning...while I took care of the AM chores.  I asked him if he would accompany me over to Task Farms to watch Champ work.  He hasn't seen Champ work in a few months.  He said, "Okay."  He didn't even notice until we stopped for coffee at the Heart and Soul that the 'girls' weren't in the truck.  I said, "Lazy morn...I'll work Champ and then maybe we can stop for breakfast."

When we arrived at Terry's, it was bustling with activity at 8 am.  Horses were tied to trailers, several different breeds of dogs were intermingling with kids and adults.  Looks like we showed up at the right time!  I forgot my whistle and couldn't even rustle one up in my truck, so Terry loaned me his whistle.  Wayne followed me through my morning routine, doing a little shedding with the flock, doing a little sorting and then going out to the big field to work.

I think Wayne was IMPRESSED.  Champ is really coming along now.  He is 19 months and everything is clicking.  He's starting to get comfortable driving and is gearing back with a steady.  I believe I heard my husband say, "Champ is light years ahead of the others."  :0)  Plus, you have to love his 'gung-ho' attitude.  And his speed.  Though, on one outrun, he took a bad step and did a few somersaults with a face plant in the dirt.  All part of being a stock dog, but you still worry about them.  At one point, Wayne wanted to give him a pat on the head, but he would have nothing to do with that....he is all about his sheep now.

After working Champ, we mingled with all of the new folk that were at the ranch for breakfast and a ride.  Cowboy scrambled eggs to die for and bacon.  YUM!   Champ's manners are almost impeccable for a 19 mo. old pup.  If I tell him to hang out by the truck, he will.  He enjoys all of the people on the ranch and all of the other dogs; doesn't matter what their breed might be.  He is just a pleasure to be around. And, when it's time to go to work.....he steps up to the plate!

Wayne collecting eggs

Update:  All of the inspections on the Washington house are done and I'm sure I'm another $1000 down paying for them all.  I wasn't expecting to put out over $1000 on Jet.  Oh woe is me.   Everything looks pretty good. It's a 1998 house, so I was hoping not too much would be wrong with it.  But, of course, there are a few things needing some fixing.  We will have a contractor get a few estimates and then wheel and deal a bit.

It's hard moving at our age.  We have been pretty darn comfortable in this partial A-frame...just not so comfortable with the hot summers and fire.  The WA. house is a bit smaller, so we are really going to have to let go of a lot of 'stuff.'  That's the hardest part.  That and our jobs.  New friends we will make and we will always keep in touch with our old friends here. :0)

Onward and upward.

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