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Friday, August 23, 2013

Jet update

All that missing is our lab :0(  but at least old Jet is still with us!
It's been a year of many changes.

Speaking of Jet, I have been discussing his case with our hospital's ID Doc (Infectious Disease)
I really should do another Ultra Sound to see if the "mass" has reduced in size.  The mass may be a cyst or abscess, though my Vet didn't think it was fluid filled.  But, that could be why he responded to the broad spectrum antibiotics which I have had him on for 2 weeks.
OR....the mass may be just that...a kidney tumor and he had an infection totally unrelated.  But, he did have bloat and right sided belly tenderness.  Heck, we almost lost him in less than 24 hours.  He went into septic shock that FAST!  Yowser.  Glad I was home keeping a careful eye on him and really GLAD that he responded to the antibiotics.
It warms my heart to see him this happy.  I think he was hurting from infection for a long time and we just didn't know it.  I kept referring to Jet's 'hard eye' to my friends.  This was a new look.  I thought it was pain.  It may have been, but I think infection was brewing, also.  One has to watch for those 'subtle' symptom changes.  Wayne never noticed.  He thought I was just being over protective.

When Jet went down (septic shock) it was FAST, folks.  Keep that in the back of your mind with your own dogs.  The first 48 hours were shaky.  I didn't sleep a wink with his labored breathing beside my bed.  Whoa, you can imagine my joy that he can trot out to the geese pen with a smile on his face and his soft, gentle eye has returned!

Jet...the most gentle, kindest, and intelligent old soul.  My life will be empty without him.
I am so grateful for our time together  :0)


Karen said...

Glad Jet is enjoying life again:)
I'm with you on the subtle changes. I don't think Larry picks up on those either. Pride had a mild bout of colic a few weeks ago. I noticed him laying down, but in a spot he doesn't usually lay down on. It made me wonder, and so I kept watching him. He did a few other odd things, and then eventually showed some classic colic signs.

Jenny Glen said...

Yay, Jet! I know it sounds trite but every day with him at this point is a gift and I wish you that gift for a very long time.