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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Second thoughts and good thoughts

Having second thoughts even in this horrendous heat spell we are having in So. California right now.   Maybe even third thoughts when I think about leaving my job and my Docs.  Kind of scary moving across the country at our age.  What if there is no where to work my dogs?  Will we be unhappy?  Not sure.  What if SS# isn't enough to live on?  Will I be able to find a part time job?

My son is aboard ship somewhere off of Japan.  He wrote me and asked me to reconsider moving to Oregon.  His plans in 2015 are to buy 50 plus acres in Roseberg, OR and build a home for he and his wife.  Whidbey Island has too many gray days for him.  Will the gray days bother me?  He is wishing we could live within a couple of hours of each other.

A lot can happen in a couple of years.  It's like having two little gremlins sitting on each of my shoulders arguing the pros and the cons of moving.  They won't stop arguing with each other.  It's hard for me to shut them out :0)

Wayne says, "You don't have to buy."  He is right, but the prices are expected to go up annually now.  We may never have another chance.  Maybe, I should look in Oregon as in also, before making my final decision?  My dream is to be closer to the water and still have good hiking trails.  Sequim kind of sums that up.  Not sure about the sheep part of it or if I will miss it.

Financially, it would probably be smarter for us to stay put right here in Green Valley for the rest of our lives.  I could continue working in a job I love and make good money at, but I would have to continue endure the "dust", "heat" and "fire."  This last fire put me over the edge.  I have never known such fear...not for my house, but for my animals.

Scary...treading into new waters.  Leaving all you have known for 3 decades;  friends, community, and work.   I wish we could both take a month off and look together.  But, that's not going to happen, so get on with it, Suzanne.  You can do it. :0)


I really don't want to leave work until next spring.  Wayne and I discussed 'if' I find something I think we would like, we could have someone manage the property for us until then.   That would give me time to make a few trips up there with stuff, too.  Plus, I have a carribean cruise with my girlfriend in November  that I don't want to miss.  And,  I have reserved a beach site for us in Jalama for New Years Eve (7 nights) after Christmas.  We love it so much there and so do the dogs (above pic )   So, I guess we keep planning, keep cleaning, and hope we don't croak :0)

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Doree said...

Cleaning out is a good thing. Amazing how much we accumulate over the years!! That, in itself, will make you feel like a new woman.

You'll be passing thru Roseberg on your way to Sequim so a perfect time to look around there as well. Take your time figuring this all out. I'm sure it will all fall into place when you & Wayne discover the right spot.