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Monday, March 4, 2013

Citrus Classic SDT pics

What a gorgeous weekend it was!  It was almost too hot on Saturday.  This weekend we trialed on goats instead of sheep.  The sheep were lambing, so Mike Cannedy trailered in his goats.  The goats were lots of fun.  I saw so many BEAUTIFUL runs and fabulous handling.  It was such a pleasure to watch.  Yoko held her own on Saturday.  The judge was light on her for a few heel bites snuck in.  She ended up with 5th place with a score of 90.  And, she was in fine company.  Most of the dogs she placed with were all Final contenders.  I'm not stupid, Yoko will never be a finals contender, but we are learning together.  She isn't really what I would call an "open trial" type of dog.  She lacks push, eye, etc.  But, that's okay.  She is spayed and we are having a good time together.  She tries hard.  That's all I can ask.  And if she can get into the money at her third open trial, good for her.
Sunday she didn't listen on the fetch and did a heel bite.  I retired her.  I need to let her know that it is NOT okay to bite randomly....like when she is working on the ranch. She is smart enough to figure out the difference from ranch work and trialing.  C'est la vie.  That put her out of the money for the combined open high.  I didn't get to see who it went to, because I got on the road a bit early Sunday afternoon.

 These were my traveling partners, Trouble and Yoko.  When the weather is warm, Trouble enjoys coming to meet all of the people and dogs.

"What did you say????"
Charlotte Jone's Luke (Joe/Dot pup)

Trouble loved Luke.  Such a nice mannered pup.

We had a blarney birthday party for Jean Singer.
What a great Saturday night feast of corned beef and cabbage.  Plus, the appetizers and desserts were out of this world.  And, on top of that, we had a fabulous breakfast over the campfire the next morning.

Party down!

Winners on Saturday.  
Stephanie Summers, Fred Temple, and Judy Loftlin

Trouble says, "NO, I'm not your kid!"

The little trickster goats jumped in the field with all of the sheep :0)
Thankfully, goats are pretty easy to shed from a flock of sheep.  

Mike Cannedy's red dog waiting in the blind for his turn.  
He is sneaking a peak at what is going on in the field :0)

Carie's beautiful JIG just a watching.

Trouble is thinking she could show those Border Collies a thing or two about working goats :0)

Suffolk show sheep

This mama is voicing her displeasure at her youngin's standing on her back!

Jim and Sally's grandson putting up the lambs in the barn for the night.  The Coyotes are wicked.
There they go!

It was a great trial.  Time to head home :0)
Time to get ready for the next two trials!  I have just today off and then work back to back 12 hour shifts at the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday morning, I drive 6 plus hours to pick up Champ!  I am staying at the motel 6 in Dunnigan for the Zamora trial.  I am taking the van, but parking is limited and if it rains, the Zamora SDT is muddy.  I got my truck stuck in the mud one year.  My friend Gloria Atwater will be staying with me at the Motel 6.  It will be fun to catch up on girl chat.  Beth Benz will be joining us at the motel for the Pro Novice class on Monday.
Tuesday, Beth and I are traveling to Hoof and Paw farms for lessons.  Not sure what Wednesday will bring us.  Most likely Wed. night or Thursday morn we will make the trek to Sonoma for the Wine Trial.
We were going to stay at Beth's family's house, but it seems the streets are under heavy construction, so we will probably stay at the Calistoga fairgrounds with the rest of the RV'ers.  
So, I am washing, packing, and cleaning today.  I have to be ready for COLD and WET if the weather decides to be that way.
By the way, after spending $$$ to have digital x-rays for Kilt (spine, hip, and knee) she is feeling much better.  You can even see the personality change.  She is back to her old comedian self!  But, she is still on kitchen rest much to her dismay.  I feel so much better to see her old self return.  The x-rays were done, because we have had a dog (Golden) in the past with Multiple Myeloma.  Even though Goldens are noted for their high cancer ratio, I just wanted to make sure her spine was okay.  Peace of mind, I guess you could say.
Off to finish washing, drying, ironing, packing.  I am looking forward to picking up the Champster.  He has been gone to boot camp for 2 whole months.  This will be fun!

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