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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here Comes Trouble

Here comes Trouble
I was just thinking this morning about what a FABULOUS small dog Trouble is.  I am really sorry I spayed her.  No one could ask for a better a puddin' variety JRT.  We purchased her from Cedar Hollow kennels in Oregon.  She was the last pup of a litter on their web page looking for a home.  I fell madly in love with her photo.  Plus, we had been wanting a small agility dog and she was from a line of great agility dogs.  Trouble never made a GREAT agility dog.  She made the Master level in USDAA, but that's not a hard feat with a small dog.  Sometimes she would run her heart out and other times she would be as slow as molasses.  It all depended upon her mood on that day.

A loyal friend
Trouble is meek and mild as a house dog, but she holds her own with the big dogs.  She actually runs the whole household.  I love this photo of her protecting old Xena, the Lab.  That big wether was about to head butt Xena in the rump and Trouble ran in and nipped him on the nose before he could do it.  She is a very loyal friend.

Mild mannered, but not really meek :0)
All I had to do was give her a shhh shhh and she went to tell that Angus steer a thing or two.

Couch Potato
This is what she does best. She loves to lie around and supervise.

She has a great sense of humor
You can't bed over to put your shoes and socks on or for any reason without Trouble jumping onto your back.  She loves to run up and down your back.  Here she is sitting on my grandson's back with a BIG grin on her face.

Snow dog
Good thing the snow doesn't get very deep around here!  This is a pic of Trouble standing on our dog walk after a winter snow storm.

Goose dog
Fearless, I tell you...fearless.  Not even the geese sass her.  That is the hard thing about having a small dog.  Sometimes they don't know their own size.  I think if Trouble saw a bear or coyote she would try to take it on.  We have to keep a keen eye out for her ALL of the time.  She does not go outside by herself since we live on a mountain.

Fierce hunter
The only way I can get a rodent out of Trouble's mouth is with Velvetta cheese.  She loves Velvetta cheese more than anything in the world.

Trouble is a sun worshipper
There is nothing she despises more than cold weather, well , maybe....water.

For some dogs it is normal to sit, but this is Trouble's normal stance.
She looks like a Meerkat.  She will jump in the air if she can't see what she wants to see.

Trouble is a great tutor
It would be hard for ANY dog to beat Jet or Trouble when it comes to performing.  Both will stand on their heads for me.  Jet, because he wants to work.  Trouble, because she wants something for it. :0)
Hey, she's a Jack.  What can I say.  Here she is teaching Champ how to take and hold his dumbbell.  Dogs are great imitators.

Trouble will be 11 years old in May.  All of our dogs respect her.  Kilt is actually afraid of her.  Kilt and Trouble are too much alike.  Both are comedians.  Both like to have fun.  It's a jealousy thing going on between the two of them.  Trouble has the upper hand on it.  She knows how to push Kilt's buttons with just a 'look.'

I don't think we will ever have another small dog again.  Too much worry.  But, I don't think we could have chosen a better dog than Trouble.  She has given us years of joy and hopefully, many more to come!


Karen said...

She sounds like a wonderful little dog....so why is she called Trouble?:)

gvmama said...

I named her before she arrived from Oregon. JRT's are notoriously known for "trouble." :0)