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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Well" HELL

Pressure pump into the first dog run

In the open dog run

At the house
For the last few weeks Wayne has been working on our water problem.  One night we came home from dinner and it dawned on us that we hadn't seen the storage tank overflowing as it always does in the winter.  Plus, the pressure pump was running and we hadn't been at home using any water.  Our antennae went up!
Thankfully, Wayne is a genius at all of this stuff.  This is when it's a good thing to be married to a very smart man.  The storage tank was almost dry.  Yikes.  It holds 5000 gallons of water.
Lots of digging showed us several leaks, one at the house and one in the dog kennel run under ground.  The couplings had come loose and water was seeping out.  Wayne knew how to cap off sections and check the PSI on the pressure pump to isolate the problems (thank-you lord)
He got a couple of workers from town last Sunday and they started digging and repairing.  At one point they were soldering a copper connection at the house.  They couldn't have any drips while soldering so the Mexican worker stuffed bread in the pipe to keep it dry.  I heard Wayne say no bueno on one of my trips outside.  They got it soldered and then he took the bread out of the pipe.  So we thought.
That night Wayne went to shower and NO water.  He threw on an Eddie Bauer pendleton and his tennis shoes.  Down the stairs he runs stark ass naked.  He goes outside to look at the fittings they soldered by the house.  The coupling breaks.  It is now spraying water.  I hear unmentionable words coming from my husband's mouth.  I go out to see if I can help and it's RAINING.  There wasn't any forecast of rain.  LOL
Wayne is running around from pipe to pipe, to sinks in the house mumbling about this and that.  The funniest thing is that he was still stark naked.  I was loving the show.  I was sitting back in the living room smiling from ear to ear.  I commented out loud that I was married to a FINE looking man.  Hahahahahahaha
Mine you, when he turned the water on, the bread that was still in the pipe clogged the pipe to the shower.  That is why he had no water.  But, dang, Mr. Mensa society fixed it.  I hated to see the show end.  I was enjoying every  moment.  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
Way to go dear!  Next week....more workers and replacing as much of the underground pipe and connections that we can afford from the house to the storage tank. :0)  Glad I will be gone to a fun trial in Porterville.                 


Karen said...

Ha,ha,ha....poor Wayne, I'm sure he would love that you wrote about all that:) Tell him to look on the bright side though, at least you didn't post pictures!

Good luck with getting it all sorted out, sounds like one heck of a job.

(Yeah, we learned first hand what having drips of water in the pipe does when you are soldering it)

gvmama said...

He laughed at himself, too. Really, it was quite humerous when all was said and done ;0)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

is it all fixed now?

gvmama said...

LOL Another work in progress...