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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Everything, everyone, is getting old

Yep, no doubt about it, we are ALL getting old.  My computer is at least 5 years old now and it's about done.  It can't defrag anymore.  It isn't letting me load pics on my blog.  I have taken 9,000 photos off the hard drive and put them on an external hard drive.  It didn't help.  Sigh.

Wayne and I are getting old.  He's not interested in 'competition' anymore.  He used to be so competitive.  I'm finding that trucking out to the desert walk/jogging up and down hills is taking a bit of my giddy up and go out of me.  I hate to admit that.

4:30 appears to be coming earlier and earlier for me to get up to go to work and not get back home before 8 pm.  I don't know how my husband does it 5 days a week.  Thankfully, he is almost 8 years younger than I am :0)

The old dogs are going to be 11 (Trouble), 13 (Jet) and 15 (Xena) this year.  Xena still can hear pretty well, but she can't see worth a darn.  She (God Bless her) is always under foot.  She is not sure if she should go forwards or go backwards.  It is so comical.  You have to laugh.  She is still pretty spry for an old Lab and she still can jump up on the couch.  Sometimes when she is in the kitchen and no lights are on she will bark.  We are not used to this.  Wayne goes to settle her.  Wayne says, "Xena hears dead people."  And, laughs.

Jet is slowing down a whole lot this month.  His hearing is very poor now.  He can't hear my whistles and can only hear low tones and take cues from my body. :0(   He sleeps a lot.  He is very arthritic.  We try to keep him comfortable with monthly Adequan injections and some Metacam whenever he has done more than he usually does (which is next to nothing these days).  But, he still loves to go with me.  I lift him up into the passenger seat and he is my 'sleeping' co-pilot.

Trouble will be 11 yrs. old in May.  Other than her 3 weeks set back last year when she was almost paralyzed, you wouldn't know it now.  She has stairs to the couches and our bed, but she still insists on jumping up on chairs, etc.  She is feeling her oats.  Her hearing and eyesight are still very acute.  She has a bunch of little wart like bumps starting to appear on her body, but when we get old, stuff grows on us.  C'est la vie.

Life goes on, but it ain't getting any easier...LOL


Karen said...

Oh I can relate:( Two old two-legged crocks, or at least we feel like that some days.
Calli is 13 in three weeks. Considering all she's been through, she's doing well. Smudge is about 18, Pride will be 31, and one sheep about 16. Another one is a few years behind, is arthritic and can't get up on her own, and so has been heaved to her feet daily for too many months now:(
The computer is into it's fifth year, and has it's quirks, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers!

gvmama said...

Karen...you make me laugh. You have us beat by a long shot. I love your blog. Cheers...to a new year! :0)