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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Come walk with me :0)

I walk a few miles every day while I am at the beach.  Wayne will accompany me a few times, but most of the time I walk by myself with one, two, or three dogs.  Every day the scenery changes.  You never know what you are going to experience.  I find it so exciting!
This morning we had a light rain.  While I was eating breakfast I saw someone outside my trailer window taking pictures.  I zipped outside with my camera and saw this.
This morning I decided to walk Champ and Yoko to Tarantula Point and further if we could get around the point with the tide going out.  The tide even at low tide was higher than usual.  Many times I can walk about 5 miles round trip.  I was lucky this trip to get to Cormorant rock (2 miles)because of the high tides.  Come walk with me :0)
These are Plovers.  There are zillions of Plovers.  But, you will hardly ever see them unless you walk right up on them.  They are camouflaged in the rocks.

Two Plovers
I love walking to the point.  The cliffs remind me of my mountains the way the sun dances in and out of the crevasses.
These little Sandpiper type of shore birds (for lack of not knowing their proper name) run along the shore with the waves looking for crustaceans to eat.  The run out with the wave and then run just in front of the wave as it rolls in.  They have a beautiful silver glint to them as they fly.
Of course, they put Yoko in her glory giving them chase.
On one of the cliffs is a cross.  I don't know the significance and I should really ask about it.  This morning a vulture was flying around it.
A good majority of the rocks on the shore have this sandstone-like composition.  Sometimes I just stop and stare at their designs.
The surf at Jalama is only for experienced swimmers.  Riptides abound.  We all have stories about being plummeted into the sand with their wicked waves.  Wayne busted his collarbone one year while body surfing.  I used to swim out there, but no more.  I've wised up.  LOL  This is Tarantula Point where most of the surfers come.
At Tarantula Point is where most of the fishermen come to get their bait.  Muscles abound here.
This sea lion was very curious about Champ and Yoko.  He came in close to the shore to keep an eye on them.  Many times I have heard my dogs bark up a storm to find a sea lion on the beach basking in the sun.  I always have a whistle around my neck to call to them "quickly," if need be.
Here are two Pelicans hanging around where the Sea lion kept popping up.  Fishing must be good here.  On some of our trips it is nothing to see 20 to 30 Pelicans flying by.  This trip there were very few.  Also, winter is the best time for shells, especially Abalone.  But, this trip the beaches were rather bare.  Good thing for me, since I have boxes of shells in my loft.
Champ and Yoko frolicking in the surf.  It would get light and then get cloudy and dark on this particular day.  I was so wishing I had brought my Sony camera (a grade up from my back pocket Canon)...but C'est la vie.  I should have known better.  The Sony takes action and close ups much better than my Canon.  But, the downside is that I can't fit it in my back pocket ;0)
See that point in the distance?  I have named that point Cormorant rock.  You will see why :0)
The surf was so BIG in places it would make a thunderous clap as it broke over the swell.  Nope, no body surfing for me.  I know what broken, displaced ribs feel like  LOL
A Cormorant party in progress!

They weren't too concerned about Champ and Yoko. 

Oops...there's our buddy.  He swam down shore to keep an eye on us. :0)

Pretty cool, eh?

On our way back, the pups found a cave.  You wouldn't want to sleep next to the cliffs because they are forever crumbling.  Avalanches waiting to happen.

Almost back to our camping site.  This particular gull is sitting on a rock.  Every time I passed by this rock he was on that particular small rock.  He would hold on as the surf rolled in.  I'm not sure what he was doing.  But, I have some pictures of him at sunset still sitting on that rock!
Here he is at sunset perched on his rock.  It must be a very special rock to him.


As we returned, I saw Wayne and Xena fishing.  Xena has been fishing with Wayne for a lot of years.

Time for dinner...come on, call it quits!


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Did Wayne get any fish?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Suzanne. I have shared your beautiful photos with our east coast family, some of who have never stepped foot on our west coast shores. Thank you for inviting us to walk with you. :)

gvmama said...

Wayne got 'skunked.' Quite unusual for him. He had some nice bites though :0)

Karen said...

Thank you, I enjoyed walking along with you:)