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Monday, September 3, 2012

My Grandson's wedding

It was a beautiful, short American Native ceremony with burning sage and willow branches making up the circle of life.  I like this short clip of Dustin and his mother walking down the aisle.  All that was missing was my son, Dustin's father.  It would have been perfect if he could have been here in his dress whites, but unfortunately he is somewhere out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I hope he can enjoy this clip and the few photos I took.

Got a parking attendant to take a photo of us just getting to the country club.  We didn't make the earlier photo session with the rest of the family.  C'est la vie :0)

The tables were beautifully set

The table settings before the wedding got underway

Circle of life with willow branches and burning sage before the wedding party came down the aisle.
The aisle way  was covered in lavender rose petals.
Best man, Bryce (whom Dustin has known since Kindergarten) and Jenee's sister as Maid of Honor.
BTW, Bryce's toast to the groom was too funny.  I wish I had videoed it.  He missed his calling.  He should have introduced Mitt Romney instead of Clint Eastwood.  Oh so funny.  They have had some rocky moments during their friendship, but just as true friends should, they have weathered those moments.  Quite touching.
Stepping over burning sage into the circle of life.  I was worried her dress would catch on fire!

Exchanging rings.  Dustin now wears my father's wedding band.  I know my folks were there in spirit.  We all have such a deep love for Dustin.  Now we add Jenee to our lives :0)

May I pronounce you man and wife. The shawl signifies their life as one. 

Let the fun begin.

Their first dance together as man and wife.
Dustin chose a Neil Young song to dance to with his bride.
When Jenee danced with her father they started out to a very staid Moon River.  Only for a short time before they started a medley of Hiphop, Disco, Rock, etc. and both GOT DOWN.  It provided lots of laughs and entertainment!

Wayne dancing with Jenee during the "dollar" dance
We wish them a life of happiness
Everyone is holding their breath for October 7th when Dustin will receive his new orders to be based where??  We don't know.  Wishing you guys lots of luck and love.


Karen said...

A lovely wedding, and you were a beautiful grandmother of the groom:)

John said...
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