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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting ready....

Most of my sheepdog friends are getting ready to compete in the National Sheepdog finals.  I'm getting ready to go on my cruise.  My gosh...cruises take lots of planning.  I can only say Thank Goodness it is a girlfriend cruise and that I don't have to think of what to pack for my husband.  It is mind boggling enough just for me!
Having a wedding before the cruise really helped me CLEAN out my closet.  I had to try a dozen different dresses on. I have gained 30# since my early 30's, so I had lots of dresses to give away.  There is a gal at work who is my height and in her 20's.  I took her a whole bag of dresses that will never get over my hips again!  Hips and Bust...they need some streamlining, that's fer sure.  But, I did find one I could stuff myself into for the wedding.
That one dress and a dressy pant outfit with 3 different tops should suffice for the fancy nights at dinner on the ship.  Now, can I fit everything in one suitcase?  DOUBTFUL.  It will probably be cool in Canada and San Francisco, so I need to be prepared for fall weather.  Hot, Cold...what's a gal going to do?
Come Monday I am on vacation!  Yea!  I feel like I have been going to doctor after doctor of late....the dogs and me.  I need a break.  Got in a clean bill of health with all of my labs.  Got my pap done and the doc calls me a week later to tell me she didn't get enough cells?  Helllooooo....may have to wait until next year.  Lucky I even came this year.  Today off for a mammogram.  I saw the oncologist and he says everything looks great, but he still suggest continuing being scoped every 6 mos.  Yuck!  Plus, he said that my particular cancer won't come back where it was, but can come back in the same area or another spot in the digestive tract.  Oh....that makes me feel good. NOT!
Well, one can't dread what might be in the future.  I'm a live for the day type of gal anyway. I'm ever so grateful for each and every day.  Okay...off to work Yoko...go to town, and then come back and wash Jet.
Jet has what I think is a lipoma on his lower side that I have been watching.  I am going to let Dr. Lidikay take a look at it on Friday.  Champ is going along, because he has a weird little growth that popped up on his shoulder.  I'll have the Vet look at both.  Not unusual for OLD dogs to be growing weird things (just like me)...but a little unusual for the Champers.  At first we thought it was a bite, but it's not.  Don't know what it is.  Anyway, I want them checked out before I start on my vacation.  It will give me an excuse to hit the beach and the harbor for lunch :0)
Have a great day all.

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