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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dog days of summer

Yesterday was our anniversary and it was going to be another HOT day.  Also, I had Kilt scheduled to be spayed in Fillmore.  She has had two litters from two very well bred working Border Collies.  We had a blast raising the puppies, but now we are passing the puppy baton on to someone else :0)
All 4 BCs waiting to hear their name called

I can fit 4 dogs and a ton of stuff in my new camper van :)
BTW, everywhere we parked, someone came up and wanted to know where I got my van.
First stop, Dr. Lidikay in Fillmore for Kilt.  We hadn't seen Champ's little sister, Jo-Jo since she was a pup, so Dorothy Tierney-Dunlap said she would drive her over to the Vet office so we could see her.  She only lives minutes away.

How cute are they?  Champ loved her until she bit him.  LOL
Both were the smallest in the litter.  And, both were a little unusual in personality as pups.  I am glad they are both turning out so well.

Jo-Jo weighs all of 25 lbs.  As cute as a button!

She is her mother's girl, no doubt there.

What a lovely day at the beach

Jet...the happiest dog alive.  This is what Jet does.  He sits out by the waves by himself and just stares at the sea.  People and kids passing by see him and go over and toss his tennis ball for him.  He just loves that.  He doesn't mind any strangers.  He welcomes them wagging.  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this dog.  He is my SOUL dog.

Champ working the waves.  Gotta bite the foam!

Champ....the Olympian 
This is the most muscled almost 8 mo. old pup I have ever seen.

Wayne LOVES a good FRISBEE dog.  Go Champers.  You can play for hours with him.  You can't wear him out.  He got his mother's 24/7 stamina.  I like that.  He wouldn't make anyone a good backyard dog.  He does have an off button.  It just takes a while to get to it.  :0)

Job well done, Champ.

Taking a break

The 'sunbrella' came in pretty handy.  The temp was about 72 degrees.  It couldn't have been any nicer at the beach.  I'm sure it was close to triple digits at home.

These three had a great time.  Sorry Kilt.  And, sorry Xena bean and Trouble.  This Sunday we are taking the OLD dogs to the beach :0)  Made a promise.

 Yoko likes to play a bit of frisbee, but she is all about coming to the beach to swim.

There must have hundreds of pelicans on this day.  I love watching them glide along the waves.  So does Jet.  Around 2 pm we packed up and went to the Harbor for lunch.  I had a fabulous dungeness crab salad, sour dough bread, mushrooms and a margarita with a shot of Grand marnier.  For dessert I had a Rocky Road ice cream cone.  Now, that's what I call a GOOD day :0)

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