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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stock Dog Finals 2010- Calgary Stampede


This is Kilt's sister in 2010.  She is entered this year also.  Kilt's mother has won the competition and has placed reserve and 4th, also.  She is now retired  (Keen-Eye Teag)  The above website is the live streaming of the competition in Calgary.

The first go round was this morning.  The 2nd round starts at 7 pm tonight. The finals will be tomorrow night (Monday) at 7 pm.  Per usual, I'm working and will have to try to watch it on my i-phone.  I think they start an hour earlier here on the West coast.


Karen said...

Was reading your post after I got home this evening. Went to the website and one dog was just finishing, and the next dog up was Diane with Keen-eye Score(?), or something that sounded like that. Watched until the last dog ran. My kelpie owning friends would have been impressed by the one kelpie I saw. There weren't many successful pens.
I was wishing the camera people would stay zoomed out enough to see the sheep and dog in the same frame. Too many closeups of the dog and we were left with no idea what the sheep were doing.

gvmama said...

Those sheep were HARD to pen! They are like that every year. Plus, the Kelpie was way cool!
Glad you got to watch. Calgary is on my wish list :0)