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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The good, the bad, the ugly.  Whew...work has been tough.  But, it makes me appreciate being ALIVE and well enough to enjoy each day.  My patients...not so lucky.   The hospital has been calling every day looking for nurses that want to work overtime.  I worked overtime yesterday.  21 yr. old DOA and his brother in critical condition after their car rolled.  Yuck. That's enough for me.  It is so emotionally draining, not to mention on your feet a good deal of the 12 hour shift.

Yesterday was Champ's 4th obedience class.  I was sad that I would have to miss it even though it was still close to 100 degrees outside.  But, lo and behold, surprise to me, Wayne took Champ to class!  Way to go Wayne.  I got home from work and they were both gone.  When they arrived home, Wayne was smiling.  They had a good time.  Wayne laughed.  He calls Champ, "Rubberneck."  Too much going on at the park for Champ.  He can't think.  He is always turning around and looking at all the stuff happening.  People playing basketball, football, kids swimming in the pool, kids playing in the playground.  All of this is going on right NEXT to his little obedience class.  LOL

Before Wayne went to Champ's class, we had some people look at the small trailer.  Yipee....they want the trailer.   The last time Melodie and John (our friends) came up here, John joked about the "The Anaya's used trailer lot.  They have RVs, trailers, boats, whatever you need.  Come on over."  hahaha   No shit...that's what it looks like around here.  Next on the list to GO is the 1990 something Jamboree.  Then, the old boat, and then the old work truck.  I may have to break down and build a garage after 25 years of not having one, because Wayne keeps ALL of his junk in those vehicles (minus the boat).

Kilt is in her prime (in heat) right now.  She is SO sad about being sequestered in the front kennel run away from evereyone.  I haven't even let her in the house for the last 2 weeks.  She has been a pretty good girlie, except the one night that she sat on top of her doghouse and howled.  How sad was that?
Jet has been fairly good, since we haven't let Kilt even in the house.  He is running off a few necessary pounds in the backyard.  Champ is too young to know what is going on, so this is good.

I got invited to the invitational Paso Robles fair trial again this year.  It's our own little Calgary. I think the heat will be a bit much for Jet this year, so I am going to trial his daughter, Yoko.  I think it will be a good experience for her.  Plus, since it is always so dang hot there at this time of the year, it will be my FIRST trip with my new/used Pleasure-Way van.  That way if I make the finals or don't, at least we will have a COOL place to wait until they start.

Last Sunday Wayne and I took Yoko and Champ to Sally's house for dinner.  We grilled arties and steaks and watched the finals of the Calgary Stampede.  We had a great time.  I worked Yoko on Sally's sheep just before leaving at 8 pm for about 10 min.  She is a bit rusty, but did okay.  Champ enjoyed himself.  It was his first visit to Sally's place.  He was such a GOOD boy.  He played with Cash ouside and some of the time he was in a kennel run.  He didn't say a peep.  Wayne is really loving this pup...have I failed to mention that?  Last night, Wayne went to bed late in the guest bedroom and Champ was in the house loose.  I asked Wayne, "What's up."  "Oh, I'm letting him get accustomed to sleeping in the house."  Alrighty then...... :0)

I got my passport in the mail.  Now, I'm really getting excited about my girlfriend WINE cruise in September.  We already have everything in order.....flight to Canada, hotel for the first night in Canada at the Westin, train tickets for when we get home to San Diego to get us back to Santa Clarita.  Now we are looking at the small excursions they offer.  We are definitely doing the Napa Valley wine trip by train.  Mary said that was on her "wish list."  So be it.  Consider it done :0)  I'm looking forward to spending a few days in San Francisco.  So much to do and so much I haven't done.  LOVE girlfriend trips! 

Well, that's my update.  Here's a couple cute videos of Trouble and Champ.  Trouble is NOW loving her little buddy.  They play constantly.  Trouble is 10 yrs.old and has given her SEAL of APPROVAL. :0)

Trouble wears my underwear!

Champ drags Trouble

Trouble   Part JRT / Part Python

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Karen said...

You are very busy!
How great that Champ and Trouble play together like that.