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Monday, June 25, 2012

On the hunt

We are still on the hunt for a used class B conversion van for sale that would be affordable.
#1)  Sprinter diesels with the Mercedes engine.  These don't come cheap.  Very reliable, but even used ones are over $50,00.  We looked at one yesterday in Oceanside.  It handled nicely, but had been 'rode hard.'  It probably had the 3rd owner even though it was a 2005.  They still wanted $52,500 for it.
We have been trying hard to find a used Rialta.  These are small enough to be manageable and their gas mileage is the best of the gas conversion vans.  They usually get 18-20 mpg.  I'm not exactly excited by the 2 passenger chairs that can rotate and convert into another bed.  That takes up room.  They have a nice big back window, but the back doesn't open up.  I would like the back to open up.

We did look at a Pleasure Way conversion van yesterday while we were down south.  It was a 2003, but immacuately kept.  The owner had come down from $29,500 to 24,500.  We made him an offer of less since the mileage was 77,000 and it will only get 13 mpg.  It was the perfect size and everything about the inside spoke to me.  Plus, the back doors open up and it had storage everywhere.

Basically, we have to look at how much will I use this van by myself.  We know I travel quite a bit locally, usually Sacramento being the furthest away.  I also, on occasion travel out of state and to the beach.  Plus, I'd like to take a year off when I retire and truck around the US.  The way Wayne looks at it.....He calculates my travels and the cost of gas versus the high price of the diesel vans and feels it comes out about even.  Or something like that.  I'm a bit concerened about the reliability as well as the gas mileage.  But, it sure was cute.  It wouldn't be cute in lots of rain, though. Though, I'm not sure 'any' would be good 'mud wagons' other than a straight cargo van with rubber flooring to hose or sweep out.

All of the ones I am looking at have great turning radius and fit into a normal parking space (kind of)...certainly, not the compact ones. :0) I'm getting to be quite knowledgeable about these vans and the going prices.  So, if you have any questions, you can now ask me!  LOL


Karen said...

I assume you've checked your local Craigslist?
Carpets, dogs, rain, mud, no thanks:) The first thing I'd do would be to rip the carpet out.
Good luck in your search!

gvmama said...

Luckily or not....not too much mud around here :0) Not all carpet...has some lineoleum. I am checking EVERYWHERE.