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Friday, June 22, 2012

Mercedes Sprinter

Wayne took the afternoon off with me and we went to Thousand Oaks to the Mercedes dealer to look at their diesel cargo and crew vans.  I drove the high top 144 inch wheel base and the 170 inch wheel base.  The longest cargo van handled as easily as the shortest.  The turning radius was wonderful.
Price/ EXPENSIVE / Pretty much NO FRILLS / Mileage 25 mpg GOOD
Re-Saleability: EXCELLENT
The "crew" van has two windows (behind the drivers seat and passenger side) and a back window plus nicer paneling...very little noise.  The diesel engine, no kidding, you can't even hear it.

We have been keeping an eye out for used RVs...small ones that I would be comfortable driving.  I don't need anything fancy, but I do want reliability.  The problem with the RV's is that we haven't found one yet that gets good gas mileage.  So if you know of something, please let me know.  I don't mind any being used. The Sprinter high top would be too big to drive to work.  I would still have to relay on my old Avalanche.  When it dies, I might lease a car.

Decisions, decisions.  I'm not going to live forever and I certainly would like something to cruise around the US with without too many worries.  The van is easily cleaned...sand, mud, etc.  I can't have anything too pretty, because my dogs and I are HARD on stuff.  But, since most of my trips are with me, myself, and I...reliability is the biggest factor.  I can do without the frills. :0)

Any suggestions...fire away :0)

P.S.  Looked through the RV trader on line last night.  We found some used conversion vans on a sprinter chassis with a mercedes turbo diesel engine.  These vans were tricked out already...like a small home away from home, but ranged from 39 to 65,000 used.  Yikes.

P.S.S. While up in Thousand Oaks we drove around and found the street I lived on while I was in college with my first husband. (The old section of Thousand Oaks) and then, we went up and checked out California Lutheran University.  This was my first college (back then it was CLC (California Lutheran College).  Now it's a large University.  It brought back lots of old memories.  I had a grin on my my face from ear to ear.  I drove a Kawasaki 90 motorcycle in those days.  The hills around the campus were all still intact that I used to ride my dirt bike on.  That was cool! After that, Wayne and I went out to a late lunch.  A good afternoon, fer sure.


Karen said...

I was picturing you riding a big Harley:)
Good luck in your RV search.

gvmama said...

haha...WRONG. I like quads and dirt bikes, but the one time we had a motorcycle...when the first time a deer jumped out in front of us at 60MPH.....bye bye motorcycle. Not for me.

Semen Rendi said...
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