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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Champ 5 1/2 months old

Champ looking more like his sire in this photo. 

"Hi there sweetie.  You are looking very cute."

"Would you like to nuzzle my ear?"

Champ looking more like his Mom in this photo :0)

All of a sudden it's like a "lightbulb" went off .  Champ is really starting to team up.

His mother was like a pogo stick at this age.  She could do 5 feet from a standstill.  Champ doesn't care for heights yet.  He doesn't mind me putting him there, but he's not willing to jump up yet.  All in due time.  The BEST thing about him is that on/off switch.  My girls don't have that, but Jet does.  It must be a "guy thing."  When it's time to kick back, they're gone....Zzzzzzzzzz

All the BCs had a great time yesterday at the AHBA trial..  They all placed well.  My Yoko is really coming along now. :0)
I'm off early this morn to set the field runs with Kilt this morning.  Have a GREAT day!

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