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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last minute stuff

Got home from work (Tuesday night)  Discussed "fire season" with Wayne and whom to give his work numbers to plus putting crates next to the dog runs in the back yard.  He will only have 4 dogs to worry about.  The winds are whipping this evening and all I can think of is FIRE.  I love where we live except for that four letter word.
My horn works on the truck.  It only cost me $550.00 to get it working.  Eeryone at work said I should have just taken an airhorn with me and held it outside the window.  LOL  One mile from the Chevy dealer someone tried to come into my lane without noticing me...BEeeeeeP!  Yea....I'm glad I have my horn back. 
The project manager was here last night.  We had a "care plan" meeting...goals, what could have been avoided (pitfalls) (shoddy workmanship) and what he could do differently next time for some other customer.  Sigh.  The water in the bath is luke warm and there is a leak under the sink.  Double sigh.  For the most part, it looks quite nice, but we had some "do-overs."  Ugh.  Along with our verbal discussion, I wrote the project manager a letter letting him know exactly how I felt about the project thus far.  I'm wordy...what can I say.    He read it while he stood in the kitchen.  Basically the guys working for him lacked supervision.  Plus, they were trying to race through the project.  Oh well.  The upstairs is almost done and now for the downstairs.  LOL
Our house is under an inch of DUST and drywall, etc. everywhere...OMG...I can barely take it.  Cough, cough.  I haven't been home long enough to even help trying to clean the place.  It will just have to be a wreck for another 3 weeks until the contractors are out of here.  Champ has pulled up most of the paper and tape on the floors.  We are tripping over it every day.  Just to make our life a bit more pleansant.  NOT!
I can't seem to locate my pocket camera charger this evening.  I'm getting ready to take off manana.  By the time this blog airs, I'll have been on the road a day.  Oh well, I'm just not going to worry about it.  I can take iphone pics if need be.  The other bummer is that my friend I was looking forward to seeing at the trial isn't going to be there.  She became sick from the altitude after trialing in Colorado.  She has been in the hospital being checked out. :0(  Mountainaire, NM is almost at the 7,000 foot level.  I am already popping a few 81 mg. enteric coated aspirins daily for the drive.  Long time driving and sitting, high altitudes.  I don't want any clots!
So that's about it for now.  I think I might know a whole 2 people trialing in New Mexico.  Lots of regulars coming to this trial who have been there year after year. Hopefully, by tonight I have found a nice truck stop to bed down or if I'm feeling weary, I'll look for a hotel to stop for the night.  It all depends on how I feel at them moment.
Driving down the highway.....The trial starts Friday.  I'm not sleeping in the truck at the trial.  I'm staying in an adorable kind of bed and breakfast.  Don't worry.  :0)

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Karen said...

My gawd, I wish I had your energy:)Good luck at the trial, hope you make lots of new friends.