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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back in the saddle again....

I really didn't give Melodie a chance to say "no" when I told her we were going horseback riding at sunset in the rolling hills of Cambria.  Mel has ridden lots...just years ago.  Pretty much, the same here.  We were met by handsome, toothy, smiling Australian Mick (sorry, no picture) and by this (pictured below) fabulous authentic wild west actor/horseman, Randy.  Randy just didn't seem to fit him, so I will call him "Gabby."

Gabby...don't think for a moment that he hasn't done quite a bit of acting :0)

Mel looking good aboard Mac.  I think his name was Mac, because he was built like a Mac Truck.  Funny kind of color.  Mel says he is a flea bitten paint.  That's new to me, but he looked like it fit.  Of course, Melodie is always smarter than I am.  She opted for a helmet.

We got on the trail a little before 6.  I believe there were 7 of us.  The horses were fit and well taken care of might I say.  It was quite a climb up through a private cattle ranch to the top of the ridge overlooking the ocean.  We had to shoo groups of cows and bulls out of our way.  I think they enjoyed us riding by.

This is a mecca for cattle.  Check out their drinking hole inhabited with cranes and other exotic birds.  If they only knew how good they have it.  At least for now.  When it is time to wrangle them up on 100's of acres, it is done by helicopter.  No ATV's and dogs. :0)

Good looking beef

Another good shot of Mel and Mac.  Too bad I cut off the rest of her horse.

The views were unsurpassed.  The weather was like 62 degrees.  Heaven.

Mick knew Mel and I were the experienced riders of the group, so he had Randy sit back with the others while the 3 of us galloped up to ridge to overlook the ocean.  Yee Haw.  Now we are talking.

Time for a photo moment.  Nice pic of me and Flash.

Flash is watching the other's coming to join us over the ridge.  It doesn't get any nicer than this.

My favorite guy and his blue roan.

Mick and his nice quarter horse heading back to the stables.  We are following...just at our own pace.  These guys take wonderful care of their horses and guests.  It doesn't get any better.  It kind of looks like a painting;  it is so beautiful.

Me and my boyfriend.  Wayne wasn't too worried.  He is kind of skinny, but, boy, can he ride a horse.  Shit howdy.  Funny, that before we left Cambria, I met up with Gabby at the deli in town.  I said, "Hey, there Good Looking."  He said, "Dang, I missed you.  Give me a little sugar."  hahahahaha


Karen said...

Wow, what a wonderful ride, I'm envious. Helmets are a good thing:)
And Gabby, well, he's kind of creepy looking.

gvmama said...

I think Gabby was harmless. I'm a sucker for eccentric type people.
He dressed up when he came to town. I don't think a ride could get any prettier. I'll be back :0)