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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Walk-Up Champ

I hope by the time I post this I can get Wayne to do a short video of Champ.  He is really trying hard to be one of the pack now.   He still becomes distracted quite easily when working with me.  My other BCs gave me their undivided attention as pups.  But, he is "growing" on me.
He runs the dogwalk, runs planks on the ground, and loves the tunnel (of course)  He is learning his lefts and rights, speaks on command (his favorite), downs, sits, targets, backs, and is learning to weave between my legs. Plus, he loves to fetch the dumbbell.  Next, we will work on the "hold" and start some "stays."
Mr. Serious

When he is naughty which is very seldom, he is so darn CUTE.  The other evening he went up the stairs.  We were all downstairs, so that meant he was up to no good.  I found him in the spare bedroom.  He had gone into the master bedroom and plucked a little stuffed (favorite) lamb of mine off the window sill.  When I found him on the dog bed in the spare bedroom, he ran out quickly.  I picked up the lamb and surveyed the damage.  It looked okay, until I came down the stairs.  Champ's little cheeks were puffed out.  He was holding the garland of berries and leaves that used to be on the lamb's head in his mouth.  He dropped it, ran to the couch, laid down, and rolled his eyes at me.  How could I get mad at that?  I laughed.  By me laughing, I probably reinforced his bad behavior. :0)

Morning time, when we get up, everyone wants their biscuit.  Champ lines up with the others waiting for his biscuit, too.  I probably have crated Champ more than any of my other dogs, only because it gets him out of my hair and his crate manners are impeccable.  When I say "kennel," most of the time he runs to get in his crate.  Notice I said "most" of the time.  If he doesn't want to crate, he runs to the couch, lies down, and rolls his eyes at me.  "Ahhhh okay, you don't have to kennel."  Another poorly reinforced behavior.  LOL

Mother/son  Kilt/Champ

He will be 4 mos. on April 19th by birthdate.  Going by weeks, he is 4 mos. this week.  He will get his last serial puppy vaccination tonight.  He is HEAVY (muscular heavy).  He weighs 23 lbs. He has a gorgeous front end with a big wide, deep chest.  He still is a bit loose in the rear.  He has his mother's pretty angulation in his hind quarters.  I can only hope he has his mother's athletic ability and hips!  Kilt can jump 6 feet from a standstill with her excellent hips.  So can her Jet daughter, Yoko.  Kilt weighed much LESS as a puppy.  Champ is built like a steamroller, more like his dad, Buzz.  Some pups look gangly at 4 mos.  Not so with Champ.


Ears....well, I personally think they are NOT going to be prick ears.  I think he would look so striking with stand up ears, but I think they will be like Kilt's or just tipping.   I worry about prick ears here in the summer time with the gnats.  So, maybe, that is a good thing.

Sheep head butting the gate.  Champ stands still holding his ground.
Oooooo...I like that!

Coat?  He has "monkey" hair.  We jokingly say we should have named him "Chimp."  He has a thick "wiry," smooth coat.  He loves the snow and wet weather.  You can't get him to come inside.  It is a very water repellent coat.  He will be difficult to bathe (to try to get water to penetrate his coat) but, also, easy to care for....just a quick wipe of a cloth to it. :0)

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Karen said...

He is looking great, like the Champ he's going to be:)