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Friday, April 13, 2012

TMT #13


1. One thing that you would totally redo (if you could) in regards to dog training?
Take lessons so I could be more consistent with my training.  In order to do that I would have to MOVE closer to where the pros live.  Four hours for a lesson is just too far to drive (for me anyway).  I'll just keep on training by trial and error.  :0)
2. One thing that you enjoyed doing in the past that you no longer participate in (dog or non-dog related)?
I can think of FOUR things.
I miss riding and showing horses. I don't have any horses anymore. I showed horses for almost half of my life.
I miss bowling. I used to love to bowl. Back problems from nursing have kept me from bowling in the last few years. I once bowled a 219 on my birthday. That was cool!
Agility.  I really enjoyed competing in agility.  It was fun because my husband competed and enjoyed it, too.  We have 3 Master agility dogs.  We still train agility for fun. :0)
And, last, but not least, running.  I don't think I really enjoyed running, but I was just so happy that I actually did it. :0)

3. Best dog and/or training books you’ve read (fiction or non)?
Karen Pryor  Don't Shoot the Dog
Vergil Holland  Herding Dogs
Burch and Bailey  How Dogs Learn
Temple Grandin   Animals in Translation

4. What is the best part of dog trialing for you?
The OUTRUN.  Oh my Gosh, I love walking to the post and watching my dogs look for their sheep.  And, when they take off like a rocket, time stands still, thinking stops, you could hear a pin drop;  I just watch in AWE.

5. I totally have puppy fever (thanks to Robin and her adorable litter of Rhyme x Bill pups - I'm totally in love with Tib aka Mouse!) so please post an adorable puppy picture of one (or all!) of your dogs!

I have 100's of puppy photos :0)
I like this one of Champ, Brew, and Trip  (Buzz/Kilt pups)

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