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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two litters is enough

We have bred Kilt twice.  Me thinks that is enough.  First of all, litters are a lot of HARD work.  Second of all, there are enough wonderful dogs out there needing rescue, and, thirdly, there are lots of great working BCs to choose pups from....That about sums it up. 

The one thing we have noticed about Kilt's two litters is that the pups ALL resemble the sire to whom she was bred.  All the pups in her Jet litter resemble Jet (almost carbon copies) and now, we can see that all of the Buzz pups are Buzz.  When they were little I used to call the one girl that went to Pennsylvania Kilt's mini me.  But, I was wrong; she takes after Buzz's line, not Kilts.  Kilt weighs 33 lbs.  Hell, most of these 4 mo. old pups are already heading to 30 lbs.  They are built like brick shit outhouses!  No wonder we had to help pull puppies while she was giving birth.  It was like pulling lambs from ewes.  They are monsters.  LOL
Walk-Up Fly

I bred this litter because I still had a few friends that wanted KILT pups.  The joke or good fortune is on all of us, because they all take after the sire's line!  Dr. Pam has Fly.  She is a long time good friend.  This is one of many recent photos she sent me along with this little excerpt which almost made me pee in my pants laughing.

"I don't really have a sense of how fast she is, but she seems to cover ground with a huge stride.  She is NOT a gentle-woman tho.  She beats up Tick, she jumps on my head, she keeps trying to rush the door (even tho she knows not to), she jumps up on everyone she meets (and hugs them), she snarks at the labrador puppies that come up to her, she steals Jif's toys, chews up paper and plastic, whines in the crate, pees in the kitchen, poops in the living room, and has decided to no longer sleep through the night.  She is now pulling and screaming to get to the sheep, of whom she has absolutely NO fear.  Is this what makes her Mini Me?  Cause she sure don't look like her mama."

Champ cracks me up at 4 mos.  He may walk the fence line while I am feeding the sheep.  A couple of my ewes will run and head butt the fence come feeding time at him.  He never flusters or shys from them.  He just holds his ground.  I'm loving that trait.  Maybe he will have Mommas grit without the bounce.  I'd have to credit Buzz with that trait. :0)  He is such a quiet dog.  I am so anxious for this fall to come so I can put him on stock.  He wants his sheep now, but I want him to grow up first.  He tends to like to run to the left (the opposite) of his right handed mother.  I can watch these traits in my dog yard.  The nice thing is if I hold up the dog rake, he will bend off my pressure and circle the other way.  I'm already liking that, too.  These are the things that dreams are made up of.....
                                 All I want for April is my two front teeth (top and bottom)

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Sounds like Dr. Pam has her hands full!