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Friday, April 6, 2012

TMT #12


1. What is the one thing that you view as your biggest training or handling challenge and how do you think you can overcome it?
Can't name just ONE.  There are a multitude of challenges.
#1) Money   I need to win the lottery
#2) Time      I wish I could retire
#3) Only go to a handful of USBCHA trials a year.  I need to win the lottery and retire
#4) I should work my dogs on different sheep more often.  Please see #1 and #2
#5) Lessons would help   I need to move.  It ain't gonna happen.  I have to make do with what I have.  It's okay. I still have lots of fun.

2. Name ONE run (agility, herding, etc) from someone else that inspired you and why?
Pat White's agility run with her Golden Retriever, Rae, at the AKC finals really inspired me to want to get back into agility.  I know sheepdog people talk about comraderie, but I miss the comraderie in agility.  Maybe, because my husband did agility with me.  He doesn't have much of an interest in sheepdogging.  So, I'm usually on the road to trials by myself.

3. Name some examples of how your dogs have manipulated you.
They constantly get me to give them at least a tidbit of what I am eating.  I tell them, "No begging," and the next thing I know I giving them bites of my food!  They are the biggest beggars and moochers around.  They all know how to get me to laugh.  As soon as I
 laugh, they know they have me eating out of their paws or visa versa...
 4. Steffi is looking for dog treat recipes! - I'm tired of hearing about all these dog food/treat recalls so we've started making a lot of our own dog treats. I really need a recipe for low calorie, light colored treats that my dogs can see easily in the grass when we are training distance skills. I've been using popcorn for that but am looking for some variety!
Ralph's already cooked chicken.  Low cal, light in color, and probably cheaper than making your own treats.

5. One thing - not related to dogs - that you would like to do that you have not done
I have always liked to drive fast cars, ski, gallop horses, and watch my fast dogs on their outruns.
Hence;  I'd like to fly on a fighter jet, ie. F22...mach 2 plus.....oh yeah.  I have always loved to fly.  And, I have always had a great fascination with speed. :0)

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Jaenne' said...

Thanks for playing! I like to go fast too, so I would love to take a race car for a spin around a track a few times!