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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm wondering in a year from now.....

I woke up this morning and couldn't do a thing with my EARS!

CHAMP.  He's getting better.  He is a boy to his own self....quite unlike any others I have owned.   I am still figuring him out. But, at least his brain has kicked in a bit coming 4 mos. of age.  I guess that's the fun part.  They are all so different.  The Jet/Kilt pups are all alike.  I can read them like a book. This is only my 2nd BC litter and I don't know Buzz all that well;  just that he has produced some nice working and  agility dogs.  That's pretty much it. 
I do know Champ wants his sheep.  I have promised myself NOT to put him on sheep until 8 mos. of age.  Let's see if I can remain true to that promise. :0)  He will tie well watching others work sheep only if another dog is with him.  If he is by himself, he has alot to say.  Same thing when I take him to the agility arena.
Since I don't want to put him on sheep until he is older and "thinking," that leaves me with hiking (which is now out of the question since we are coming up on rattler season) SO....I have agility and obedience work to do.  And, of course lots of socialization.  That's an ongoing process. 
His travel manners are impeccable.  He has figured out all of our other dogs.   He holds a bit of a grudge if he feels he has been wronged.  That's a new behavior to me.  He caught his foot in a bench with slats when visiting a friend.  He yelped.  We got his leg out without to much of a fuss.  He immediately went and laid under the bench.  He didn't lift his head, but kept a stink eye on us letting us know he was insulted by our lack of regard for his safety.  About 5 minutes later he came out from under the bench and all was well again.  When he is bored with what I am asking him to do, he will find a shady spot and go lie down.  That's unusual to me.
If I ask him if he's READY....Yep, he responds in true BC fashion.  "You bet your sweet life I'm ready. What are we going to do?"  His recalls are getting SO much better.  Thank God.  I thought he was a bit developmentally delayed....a nice way of saying S-L-O-W.  I refuse to go back and look at Yoko's 4 mo. old video.  Why?  Because, I know she has 110% attentiveness on me and is trying to do everything I ask of her.  Okay...not fair to judge Champ against a Jet pup. :0)  Champ may just turn into a wizard any day now.  LOL
So, I work with Champster a bit each day.  I take him everywhere I go.  And, I'm just letting him GROW up.  I can't wait to see what my blog says in a year from now !!!!!!!!!!


Doree said...

I bet he ends up the cream of the crop & that's saying something with your bunch. After all boys are always slower than girls. ;-))

Karen said...

I'm enjoying following the journey:)
Made me think of Susan Garrett, and her showing a video of her young pup, and his not so good recall.