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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lake Isabella Trout Derby

Red Rock Canyon
Wayne took the Toy hauler and Mel's husband John took the boat.
Red Rock is about half way.  Nice place to stop for a potty break.

Pretty clouds/beautiful day.

You can see the lack of rain we have have.  Look how far down the lake is.  Those ridges used to be water.  Wayne said it was a good 15 feet down this year.

Looking up towards the Kern

It was windy and cold, all but the day Wayne arrived and the day they had to come home.  They even had snow on the mountains the last day.  You can see how windy it was by looking at the waves on the lake.  Yuk.  It was just as yucky here in Green Valley over the weekend.

I don't think that is Wayne or John.  Must be Wayne's friend from lockheed.  Brrrr Too cold for me to be out on the water.  They only landed one trout.  It was just too cold and the trout were way deep.  They had a great fish finder.  On the first day I think there were only 9 trout caught on the whole lake.  Bummer.  No $$$ this year boys.  But, glad you all had a nice time. :0)

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