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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three little words

I just talked to my brother in Florida.  Pop's house has been put on the real estate market.  The market in Florida sucks right now.  Oh well.  I wanted to thank them again for all they are doing down there taking care of everything they need to auction, yard sale, donate, etc. etc.  Jim and Linda...you are both tremendous people and I love you both dearly.  Thank-you.  That's what I called to say.

My son called me from a Seattle hotel the other night to let me know he was flying out early in the morning to Japan.  We chatted about his new and probably last adventure with the Navy (he will retire in 3 short years) before I gave the phone to Wayne.  Wayne said good-bye before handing me the phone back.  He called Dustin back and gave me the phone.  I told  my son how much I loved him and wished him well on his new adventures.  This is the first time in 17 years in the Navy that Dustin will be on a ship at sea.  He has always worked in avionics.

Lately, I don't want to miss saying those three little words...I LOVE YOU.  Life is too short.  We are all different.  Just because you go to church and I don't, doesn't make us any less as people living our lives in our own way.  It makes us all unique.  Just because you are a different color...doesn't mean anything to me.  We are people.  People needing people.  I love my life.  Oh yeah...I wish my husband would shower me with gifts and that I had a ton of money and so forth.  LOL  Let me tell you folks...be grateful for what you have.  If you need change in your life, make those changes.  Be happy.

Back to the first paragraph...what do you think my brother and wife are going to do when they sell Pop's place?  They are going to travel around the United States.  I think we can say that my brother and I are from the same genetic pool!  I told him of my plans to travel next year to visit friends, families, National Parks that I might have missed (though, there aren't too many)......he just laughed.  I said, "We must meet up on the road."  Jim replied. "You can't bet your sweet life on it."

I see a new chapter in my life taking place.  My head is reeling with dreams and places and friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Dear Lord...let me live this dream out.  Thank-you Wayne, for being so encouraging to me (even if you are probably saying...Thank-God.....fewer dogs, no sheep, and the TV all to myself) :0)


Doree said...

Whole lot of reflection going on lately, Suzanne. Sounds like ur well on your way to the next chapter.....& we'll all get to travel along with you!

gvmama said...

Yep, a whole lot of reflection. The loss of my parents, some friends, cancer...grateful for every day. I don't want to leave this earth with any regrets.

Doree said...

Ditto......for all the same reasons!