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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mel's Daycare

I went to a baby shower this afternoon.  Look at those desserts.  I have a tummy ache, but whoa....they were the best.  All home made by one of our co-workers.  Thanks Jojo. Wayne went shopping for fishing stuff for his big trout derby next weekend.  He and Melodie's husband, John, are going for their second year in a row.  I didn't want to leave Champ home all day, so I dropped him off at daycare.  At least that's what I told the girls at the baby shower.  They think I'm nuts. :0)

Trip and Champ....they will be 14 weeks old this Monday. 
 They both have Buzz's coat.  It's like wiry on top.  I think it might be impossible to get them wet.  I think their coats are more water resistant than our Labrador.

They did a lot of this!  Thank Goodness. 
Melodie took the time to do some clicker training with both of the boys.  She made them earn their lunch.  Thanks Mel.

Thankfully (for us) Trip wore Champ out.

Good Night

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