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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I think a puppy should be taught

What I think a pup should know....

I think it's important to teach a pup to crate, tie, kennel, and come. These are the first 4 behaviors I want to get on a puppy. Of course, the last behavior, to come when called, is the most important and the hardest of the 4 behaviors to get. That's why my pups drag a longe line for what seems to be forever :0)

Champ is crating at night and is wonderful. If we go to bed at 10, he may give a whine at about 3 A.M.. to want to do his business. He goes outside and does exactly that and then will sleep into just past 6 A.M. He is light activated. :0) Plus, he crates wonderfully in the truck with nary a peep.

Champ is already learning to tie (see previous blog).

Champ is tied out here AWAY from the livestock

Old Jet is just hanging with him to keep him company

I teach them what "kennel" means. When I say 'kennel' and there is a crate close by, I expect them to get into the crate. When I say 'kennel' and there is a dog run close by, I expect them to come running and go into the dog run. All of my pups were trained by 5-6 weeks to kennel in a dog run. No kidding, they would fly across the dog yard to get into the kennel. How come? Because the reward was Kilt...a chance to nurse on Kilt for a few minutes. When you have 'wee' minds, you need to up the ante, so they understand. :0)

Just like anything else, sheep included, if the reward is high enough, the dog will want to do the behavior.

Though, most Border Collies, just want to work for you. The reward isn't all that necessary unless you are introducing them to something that they are clueless about or really don't want to do. But, normally you can fade rewards over a period of time with the BC's. They are pretty happy with a pat on the head. I think that's what makes them so exceptional. They want to do it for YOU.

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