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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's all about interaction when it comes right down to it.  A few of my dogs aren't exactly excited that Champ is here.  Yoko is still pouting.  She would like to remain the baby.  She isn't particularly excited about her half brother.  Old Xena is tolerating him.  Trouble is done with him and his bit him several times.  The two that love him are Jet and Kilt.  Jet feels we have given him a new playmate to tug with and be silly.  Mama Kilt, of course, is having a blast with him.  But, she won't correct him.  Jet will, but Kilt let's him get away with murder.  Though, she will play rough with him.

I ordered a few interactive treat toys for them (minus Trouble)
Trouble will kill everyone for the treat.  She tried them out separately.

This actually got Yoko into the game a bit with Champ.

Both are busy rolling the toy to get treats to drop out of it.

Everyone trying to get to the treat first.

Yoko actually does a bit of tugging with Champ.  I encourage her.

But, this is his playmate.  Old Jet.  He can play for hours. And, no dog exisiting has Jet's patience and tolerance for little ones. 

Jet shares his favorite "hole" at the horseshoe pit with Champ.

When I go to feed the sheep, Champ is allowed to romp down to the barn on his own, but when I get there I tie him to a Manzanita tree.  It is important to me that he learns to tie.  He may hop around like a jumping bean the first few minutes, but if ignored he will settle.  He will be tied to fences, trucks, etc. ongoing for the rest of his life waiting his turn to work.  He best learn to tie early :0)

Okay, what next Mom?


Karen said...

Champ looks all feet in that last photo:)

Apparently typing ommitti cornstscr
proves that I'm not a robot. Yeah, whine, whine, whine:(

gvmama said...

He does, doesn't he? He is actually all 'head.'. :0)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking where did you get those front feet from?? The rest of him looks normal, lol! Shelley