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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good-bye Fly

Oh, this was a hard morning.  I'm sobbing.  Pam and Wayne are crying.  Fly is on her way in Trouble's sherpa bag to LAX as I write this.  My last pup is gone.  Dr. Pam specializes in canine sports rehab.  I know this is a great home for Fly, but this pup has really grown on me.  I adore her.  I call Pam Dr. Pam because she has a PHD and a DVM.  She really is quite a brilliant woman.  She taught in the Congo for some three years among many other varied positions.  Then, later in life she decided to become a Veterinarian and attended Cornell.  On top of that, she has always been a dear friend.  She sent me loads of small little gifts to open with I was going through chemo and radiation.  We don't chat often, but we do keep in touch.

These are Pam's other two dogs, 11 yr. old Jif and 5 yr. old Tick
Jif does agility and herding.  Pam purchased her from Geri Byrnes.  She is from Derek Scrimgeour's lines.  Tick is a Border Terrier.  These will be Fly's new sisters.

Just as long as Fly doesn't learn to do Jif's trick of climbing trees!

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Karen said...

Sounds like Fly has gone to a wonderful home, but I know how you must feel:)
And tree climbing Jif is amazing!

As an aside, would you consider removing the verification word thing from your blog? Blogger has made it much harder now, with two words, one of which is sometimes hard to read and tell which letters you actually have to type. In short, it's a PITA!!
And you have comment moderation anyway. I don't have moderation, but have all comments emailed to me. The occasional spam ones I get don't show up on the blog, so Blogger seems to do a good job of weeding them out. I think I've had about two or three that made it onto the blog, usually on older posts, but they have been inoffensive enough that it wasn't a big deal, and I just removed them.