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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Champ's first hike

By the time this makes my blog, it will be Champs 4th or 5th hike.  If you are having trouble getting a recall on your pup, you can fix that pretty easily by taking your puppy hiking.  Why?  Because, now they are in a strange, new environment.  Who knows...they might even be someone's dinner!  A smart puppy will continue to check in with his owner while hiking.  This is perfect training for recalls.  I left a longe line on Champ on his very first hike with Yoko.  All other hikes, he hit the trail without a longe line.  It got snapped back on before getting close to any roads.  Even if my adult dogs are running 100 yards ahead of Champ, he will whirl around and check in with me.  He gets much praise for doing this.  I need him to watch out for me, too.  We have each other's backs. We are becoming a TEAM.

Off I go into the wild blue yonder

My half sister Yoko is showing me the way

This is a good way for Yoko to become closer to Champ

Hey, come on slow poke!

Both running with sticks

Now we are having FUN

Homeward bound

Can I come again Mom? Please...Pretty Please...


Karen said...

Why is it that border collies seem to carry sticks from one end? Always makes me think of kids running with scissors. Our black lab was a great stick (log carrier) and she seemed to know to pick it up in the middle.

What a nice place to walk with the dogs:)

Beth in Middletown, Ohio said...

Beautiful setting. Yoko is absolutely gorgeous and she is so happy to have Champ as a companion. Love this.