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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Day!

Okay then....Saturday was the big day for the pups.  They all went into town to get their first shots and be Vet checked.  I worked late Friday night, but I still was up before 6 A.M. yesterday.  I made sure the pups didn't get breakfast and that they got a good 30 minutes of potty and playtime.  Kilt did nurse them for  a couple of  minutes about 15 min. before we put them in crates.  A little Mommie and me time for "comfort."  I think that's important.

Jet was the appointed baby sitter in the back of the truck.  He is saying to his little buddies, "Okay gang, no whining, no fighting, no one getting car sick."  The boys rode in the larger red crate and the 2 girls rode in the small white crate.  It is a good 20 miles to town on a winding canyon road.

Do not think for a moment that I wasn't armed with fresh chicken treats and a clicker.  I got the first appointment, so they wouldn't be exposed to any dogs coming in for an AM appointment.  Here I am clicking and treating them for waiting for the Vet to give us a room.

This is important.  Click/treat, Click/treat, Click/treat
I want their first ride, their first exposure to a vet clinic, to be as happy an experience as I can make it for them!

Fly listening to Dr. Laura

Fly says, "Ouch!"  Click, treat / click, treat

I was PROUD of Tuffie.  She stayed to the back of the crate, but she stood like she had been trained to stand on command for the Vet to listen to her heart.  Good girlie, Tuffie.

Dr. Laura, laughing, as we try to hold Trip still to listen to his heart!

We are all laughing because Rumble is so f'ing HAPPY to meet the Vet.

Click/treat.  Dr. Laura said, "He's a bit different from the others."  Yep.
Champ, is quiet, but inquisitive about his new experience. He thinks before he reacts.  Much like myself.  We just might be a good fit. :0)

Home, after some 3 hours in the crate, on winding roads.  Not a single pup got car sick. They were AWESOME!  Jet says, "Geez.....How come I am always appointed the baby sitter?"   Jet, that is because you are the most amazing dog in the world.  Thank-you Patrick Shannahan a million times over for this wonderfully kind dog.  I only hope the new owners will be just as happy with their puppies as I am with my dogs!

Huge click/treat when they got home.....LUNCH!

Oh, one FUNNY.  As we were done with the Vet checks, it was just automatic for me as a nurse to pick up the stethoscope on the table and put it around my neck.  Dr. Laura said, "Ahemm."
We all laughed out loud.  Laura said, "No doubt that you are a nurse."  I love a good funny moment.  (I sheepishly gave it back to her)  LOL

A few commentaries from the blog owner. :0)  There is nothing wrong with click/treating your "stock dog."  I think it is so important to make all NEW adventures HAPPY happenings!  My 6 1/2 week old pups were better behaved than most adult dogs their very first time in the Vet clinic. I tried to associate the newness with the highest ante food treat I could...chicken, along with lots of laughter and pets.

Last, but not least.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Goddaughter, Lindsay Lewis, in Salem, Oregon, finishing her last semester in Law School.  I am soooooooo proud of you!

Me, Lindsay's Mom, Jean (my best friend) and amazing Lindsay


Laura Carson said...

I click/treat my stockdogs for certain things off of stock. Pia wasn't getting the typical sit/lure/liedown progression, so I clicker shaped it. *shrug*

Those are some cool puppies!!! Cracked me up about the stethoscope

Karen said...

So you are saying that most people with stock dogs wouldn't click/treat for any training? Interesting...
A bunch of cute pups, and chuckled to see the 'fake' border collie in the background in Champ's picture.
Glad it was a good experience for them, well except for the 'poke' of course:)

gvmama said...

Hey, I had to look at that photo to see what you were talking about! I guess I had my hands full with the pups :0) Most stockdog people wouldn't "treat" their dogs less use a clicker. It's okay. Different strokes for different folks.