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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow saucers

Okay, the pups are 6 1/2 weeks old and are too fast for me to catch pics with my pocket digital that doesn't do speed very well.  I may have to haul out an old camera that can take action shots.  The pocket digital is still the best for quick time movies of the heathens.

In less than a week, 3 of the pups will be going to their new homes :0(  I will take them for their first vaccination this Saturday.  Fly will be staying with Champ until the 16th.  Dr. Pam is going to fly in from PA. and fly the pup back on the plane with her.  Good mommie. :0)

Trouble and Yoko had to come in "early" this morning.  Yoko is jealous that she isn't eating 4 meals per day.  Her nose is out of joint.  Trouble bit Rumble this morning when they mobbed her.  She hurt his feelings.  It was cold and they were all jumping on her.  Trouble doesn't do 'cold' well.

Rumble doing a puppy sit basking in the sun.  He is thinking about Trouble biting him :0(

Rumble does dog duty with me every morning when I clean the dog yard. He likes to follow the rake and be beside me. He is the major tail wagger in the group. But, he doesn't like to be held. Neither does the other big tri boy. Champ is from a different mold. He loves to snuggle and push into your body when he is held.

Champ hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in anything yet.  He will tug for a few short seconds; he hasn't even looked at the sheep.  He does like the other dogs and people.  Wayne really likes him.  That's half the battle!  He likes him because he is quiet and happy by himself.  He would rather be with us than eat.

Tanner or Trip (AKA Tri-pod) bothering old Jet

How can you not love Tuffie?
She doesn't look like any of the other pups.  I'm not sure what she is a 'throw-back' to in her ancestry.  I'm thinking maybe her great grandsire on Kilt's side. She doesn't have the angular head of the others.  She has a rounded top skull, with an impish look.  She is of slighter build than the others, but well built.  Plus, she is the only pup with some coat.

Jet getting some lovings or botherings from Fly
Fly likes everybody.  She is more food motivated than tug toy motivated.  We are working on that aspect of her puppy training.  When Jet has had enough he will give a baby snap and chase the pups off like he was chasing a bad sheep.  It is so cute.  They know he means business (I think)

Trip (Tri-pod) attacking an orange snow saucer
I put 2 snow saucers in the yard for the pups to play on.  They wobble and they are plastic, so not to injure any toes.  The pups have had a great time with them.  They like to pounce on them.

The other pups are in elementary school putting Rumble in high school.
Rumble studies stuff and figures it out.  He knows that if he stays out of the saucer he can pull it by the handle and drag it across the yard.  The other pups have not figured that out yet.

Champ and Rumble
Champ has hold of the handle, but he's not going anywhere with them standing on it. :0)

The gruesome twosome again

This weekend I will take them to the agility arena for some real fun!

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Karen said...

The snow saucers are perfect wobble boards for the pups. A brilliant idea!