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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

Two newcomers on the ranch were less than thrilled with Yoko

This hearty gal did quite a bit of stomping.
One thing I have learned with Yoko is to give her time to think things through.  She gives her sheep time to change their minds.  She will walk them backwards a bit if they are confronting her allowing them to have a chance to turn. If they don't, she doesn't do a face bite unless in close quarters.  She will grab a heel.  As far as farm/ranch work goes, that is fine with me.  Probably not a pretty picture on an ISDS course, but for ranch work, it's A-okay in my book.  She is going to get the job done in the way she knows how. I can tell you from experience, sheep and goats do NOT like to have their pasterns bit.  They will definitely get a move on.  Yoko knows this will work for her with obstinate stock.  Yoko may not have the style, eye, finesse, and drive, but she would be ANY farmer's delight.

Yo was on it.  She had them covered.

It's been a dry winter as you can tell from this picture.
The other thing I have learned with Yoko this year is to stop her when she is doing something I don't like with a soft, "lie down." Normally I would use a GRUFF voice.  It's just a habit. All that does is rattle Yoko mentally.  This little girl doesn't have any quit in her, but if she gets rattled, she can't think straight.  I am trying to be a little kinder with her.  She is a nice blend of her dam and sire.

Yoko says, "Time for you two girls to join up with the rest of the flock."

Wayne helped me put things into perspective.  If I had kept a pup from Kilt's litter I might not keep working as diligently with both Yoko and Kilt.  He doesn't want me to give up on Kilt.  We may be inconsistent because I haven't the keys needed or the experience needed to unlock some of the doors.  We already know she has the talent. I have a lot more to learn from her and more training to do with Yoko.  I am proud of the work I have done thus far.  Onward and upward to a great 2012.

Happy New Year

May your dog be clever,
a terrific listener too
May the judge point
the other guy's faults
and never notice you.
May your draws be lucky
with exactly one
sheddable ewe.
May you take confidence
from your dog
and he the same with you.
And might be you'll spare
a kind thought this year
(as around the circuit you roam)
for those.....your neighbors,
kinfolks, and friends....
doing all the honest work at home.
Donald McCaig


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